Clinton’s Sexcapades

Hillary Ready 02l

Bill Clinton “complained” about Hillary because their home life was so chaotic.

I tried not to laugh when Bill said, “To Hillary, great sex is sitting on the toilet, looking at photos of naked women, and masturbating. I kid you not; I’ve caught her multiple times looking at a Playboy magazine with her hand down her pants.”

“When women flirt with me, Hillary acts all jealous, like she’s trying to protect her property, but I know Hillary. She’s jealous all right, but not because of me. She’s jealous because she wants all those damn women to lust after her.”

Hillary may push her “feminist” agenda but, like it or not, she’s still from the “old” school.

Back when she “discovered” she’d rather make love to “a woman than a man,” homosexuality was not popular. She hid her “preference” because she couldn’t have her “cake…and eat it too.”

Hillary will never come “out of the closet;” she’s weak and still relies on Bill’s outgoing “personality and charm” to be her “opening act.”

As I said earlier, Hillary is a “fake.”

Hillary’s been planning her “political strategy” since her teen years.

She never “loved” Bill Clinton. Hillary’s not “capable” of loving anyone.

Recognizing she could never “make it as a woman” in the state of Illinois, she thought “Why not Arkansas?”

She used Bill as her “front” man, and Arkansas as her “entrance” into politics. Hillary considered herself “too good” for Arkansas but—it was a “stepping stone” into the big time.

Bill, just a good “old” country boy, was “pliable” and easy to “manipulate” so, with her eye on the prize, she “planted” her hand in Bill’s back and “pushed” him all the way to the White House.

I listened and “learned” that, growing up, Bill Clinton didn’t have much “experience” with women and sex.

From his earliest days, his mother “dominated and controlled” him. He never had a “genuine” father figure.

Acting “amused,” Bill described himself as a “chubby, late-blooming” virgin.

Several minutes later, Bill sounded almost “apologetic” when he admitted he had very little “contact” with women sexually, until his late “teens or early twenties.”

Yes, without a doubt, the center of Bill’s “sexuality” is his mouth. He uses his “lips, tongue and mouth” for everything, including “instruction.”

One evening, after “smoking” several joints, he persuaded me to play the role of a “dominatrix.” He begged me to “control” him, “dominate” him, and “demand” he obey me.

If he disobeyed, I’d “whip” his butt with my “dog” leash and “shame” him; call him “my bad boy.”

It was another of Bill’s fantasies—“to be controlled and dominated by an older woman.”

Looking back on that “particular” encounter, I’m convinced Bill never out-grew his “fantasy” of having sex with his mother.

But what about all those “little girls” down on Jeff Epstein’s “Orgy Island?” To date Bill has made 18 trips to Orgy Island on Jeff’s private jet “Lolita Express.”

Singer Christina Aguilera “recounted” the time that Hillary Clinton was caught “staring at my bosoms.”

Hillary's Lesbian Lust 02

Appearing on the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” DeGeneres said, “There’s a picture of you — was it you staring at Hillary or you staring at Hillary?”

Aguilera replied, “She was staring at my bosoms. It’s amazing, it’s awesome,” Aguilera claimed. “She supports the girls.”

“You can’t help but support those girls,” DeGeneres noted.

DeGeneres then showed another picture of Aguilera and Clinton together where Clinton was not staring to which DeGeneres commented, “She’s not looking at the girls anymore.”

Hillary Ready 01l

Hilary’s “comin’ out” photo op.

Why aren’t we seeing Hillary’s lovers?

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