An Invasion

Invasion 01

All predominantly young, strong Muslim males, few women, widows or orphans.

The European Union (EU) has started “redistributing” illegal alien Muslim invaders posing as “refugees,” plucked from Turkey to EU Member States around the continent, including at least one “Visegrad” nation, the Czech Republic.

Don’t go by the “numbers” below, which are intentionally reported “low” so as not to freak out a “nervous” public already on the “verge” of civil war.

New Observer  Norway will get 218 “Syrians” every month, France will get 148, Italy will get 118, and Germany 100 per month while other EU states will be “allocated” smaller numbers.

Invasion 02

All predominantly young, strong Muslim males, few women, widows or orphans.

So far, only Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary have “refused” outright to take any invaders, while the Czech Republic “caved” in and accepted a small number.

It is intended that around 1,100 invaders pretending to be “refugees” in Turkey will be “resettled” in the EU every month.

In terms of the Angela Merkel “EU-Turkey” deal, at least 72,000 “Syrians” currently in Turkey will be taken “directly” into Europe. The invaders will get “free transportation, which will include air flights, to their destinations.”

Invasion 03

All predominantly young, strong Muslim males, few women, widows or orphans.

Separately, the EU has also now agreed on the “distribution” of another estimated 160,000 “nonwhite” invaders currently in the “congested arrival countries” of Italy and Greece.

So far, EU officials said, some 1,425 of that number have been “resettled.”

In a move which has been met with “disappointment” from the other Visegrad nations, the Czech Republic agreed this week to take in “invaders” under the EU quota system.

Invasion 04

All predominantly young, strong Muslim males, few women, widows or orphans.

A spokesman for the Interior Ministry, Hana Malá, told the Czech News Agency that the first four “Syrians” accepted in the Czech Republic under the “quota system” arrived in the Czech Republic.

The family is “staying” at a ministry facility “waiting” to be granted asylum.

Originally, some seven “Syrians” were accepted by the Czech government under the “redistribution” system, but three of them “escaped” from a Greek facility in order to “avoid” being relocated to the Czech Republic.

According to the spokesman, the Czech Republic has agreed to “take in” at least 2,700 invaders.

Invasion 05

All predominantly young, strong Muslim males, few women, widows or orphans.

In the UK, plans are afoot to “resettle” invaders in Wales and in Northern Ireland. According to the BBC“Syrians” will be settled in the “remote” Welsh village of Ystradgynlais (population 8,092), and in the larger town of Newtown.

In Northern Ireland, 57 “Syrians” arrived as part of a 20,000-strong invasion force of “bogus” refugees which the UK has agreed to “take in” in terms of the “redistribution” plan.

Under the so-called “Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme,” the invaders complete paperwork and are “sorted” based on several “criteria” for prioritization. They have access to “free housing, medical care, education, and welfare benefits.”

“Refugees” in the UK are given five years of “humanitarian protection,” which includes “public” funds, “access” to jobs, and family “reunification” grants.

Invasion 06

The Austrian government has not made any places available for the “redistribution” plan. This is mainly because the country has already taken in nearly 100,000 “asylum seekers,” proportionally one of the largest such intakes in the entire EU.

This is what Angela Merkel and other EU leaders are “forcing” on the people of Europe. This is what Barack Hussein Obama wants to “force” on America and Justin Trudeau on Canada.

Invasion 08

All are Muslims, few are Syrians, and even fewer are actual “political” refugees. Most are economic “freeloaders” from Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. looking for “handouts.”

Now, picture “towns and cities” near you after these Muslim “invaders” get settled there.

Imagine your “wives and daughters” after they’ve been “gang raped” by these predominantly young, strong Muslim males who consider all “non-Muslim” Western women to be “sluts and whores.”

And then there’s the “matter” of some 4,000+ ISIS “JV Jihadists” which have been “embedded” with the so called “refugees.”

Invasion 07

But don’t “fret,” according to President Obama they are all “widows and 3-year old orphans…”

“And I would add, by the way, these are the same folks oftentimes who suggest that they’re so tough that just talking to Putin or staring down ISIS, or using some additional rhetoric somehow is going to solve the problems out there. But apparently, they’re scared of widows and orphans coming into the United States of America as part of our tradition of compassion. First, they were worried about the press being too tough on them during debates. Now they’re worried about three-year-old orphans. That doesn’t sound very tough to me.”

Invasion 09

All predominantly young, strong Muslim males, few women, widows or orphans.

Hey, Obama! Hey, Clinton! Bet you could put up a few dozen in the White “Rainbow” Mosque in Washington, Barry. And Hillary, surely you have “room” for several of these “widows and orphans” in your Chappaqua home.

Even better, how about asking Chelsea to “host” some of the “refujihadis” in her $10 million “condo” in NYC? Surely, little Charlotte could use a “big” brother.


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