Serial Child Molester

Denis Hastert 01

Serial Child Molester “Dennis Hastert,” former Speaker of the House and “third in line” to the presidency, was sentenced to “only” 15 months in federal prison.

In this “wrist slap” sentence Judge Thomas Durkin spoke the plain truth: “The defendant is a serial child molester.”

Durkin reserved most of his “ire” not for Hastert’s recent “violations” of federal law, the ones for which he was “officially” being sentenced, but for his “unpunished” and “nonpunishable” state crimes because the “statute of limitations” had run out on potential “molestation” charges.

…Some actions can obliterate a lifetime of good works. Nothing is more stunning than having the words “serial child molester” and “speaker of the House” in the same sentence. Nothing is more disturbing than having the words “child molester” and “coach” and “teacher” in the same sentence….

….Your actions with the young people you abused violated the trust that students put in their teachers, their coaches, and their mentors. Your actions were cynical. You abused those who either wouldn’t or couldn’t cry out for fear they would not be believed and were trying to discredit a beloved coach, or for fear they would be ostracized by their friends….

….Had this conduct been uncovered near the time when it occurred, a grand jury sitting in Kendall County would have indicted you, a jury likely would have convicted you, and you likely would have been sentenced to decades in a state prison….

….This conduct is relevant to your history and characteristics no matter how old it is. Some conduct is unforgivable no matter how old it is….

….My sentence today can’t legally or properly be a sentence for child molestation, and I don’t want it in any way to be perceived that the sentence here measures the harm caused by the child molestation….

….In the end, that would have to be a state court judge sentencing you for a conviction of child molestation, and the sentence in this case can never be as long as the time the victims and their families have suffered….

All of this may seem like a “remarkable” breakthrough for those seeking to “expose” political pedophilia and a “vindication” for those who have been ringing the “alarm bell” about Hastert for over a decade.

Denis Hastert 05

But Hastert was not “convicted” for his sexual child abuses. And the “molestation” that is now coming to light has nothing to do with the “child sex tourism, drug money laundering, or other illegal activities” he participated in during his time in office.

In fact, this “quasi-vindication” may itself perpetuate the “cover-up” of his worst crimes and the “criminals” who still retain power in “elite political circles” today.

Jimmy Kimmel “eviscerated” Dennis Hastert  after he was sentenced to 15 months in jail for his role in a “hush money” scandal surrounding his “sexual abuse” of children.

Referring to the media’s “hypocrisy” surrounding the “coverage” Kimmel said, rather bewildered, “For some reason, this is not a big story.”

For those who haven’t been following the story, Kimmel explained some of the details:

“From 1999 to 2007, he was Speaker of the House. During which time, he called on lawmakers to ‘put repeat child molesters in a jail for the rest of their lives.’ Today, he got 15 months for that. He also is the guy who led the impeachment of Bill Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky scandal presumably because it was consensual sex with an adult woman.”

Kimmel also blasted the 5 former congressmen and 36 other individuals who wrote to the judge asking for “leniency” for Hastert.

Particularly, Kimmel “singled out” former GOP House Majority Leader and “convicted money laundering felon” Tom DeLay.

Denis Hastert 04

DeLay wrote, “He is a good man that loves the Lord. He gets his integrity and values from Him. He doesn’t deserve what he is going through. I ask that you consider the man that is before you and give him leniency where you can.”

Kimmel wasn’t having it: “He doesn’t deserve through? He abused at least five boys when he was their wrestling coach! He had a reclining chair set up in front of the shower so he could watch them take showers. Jared from Subway right now is going, ‘Why the hell didn’t I run for Speaker of the House?’”

Why isn’t being an admitted “serial child molester” a bigger story?  What about the “emotional” damage that has been “inflicted” on his “sexually abused” victims?

Denis Hastert 03

This isn’t a “Republican/Democrat” or “Liberal/Conservative” deal.

It’s a “personal” life thing. This is a man who claimed a “moral” high ground, family “values” and “faith” in God.

This hypocrite “monster” held the former house speaker position “longer than anyone else” in our nation’s history.

Can you imagine, if the President and Vice President “died,” this guy would have been “3rd in line” for the presidency.

Not to mention the overall “Frank Underwood” type of power he held in Congress. Whether you like it or not, he had a “direct” impact on all of our lives.

Denis Hastert 02

While some justice was “served” in relation to Hastert’s financial crimes, his relatively light sentence highlights the ways in which sentencing is often unevenly and unfairly applied.

Much of the “severe” sentencing in the U.S. affects “disproportionately” minorities, “black” men in particular.

According to the ACLU, black men are typically given sentences that are 20% longer than white men.

As of 2012, there were 3,278 people serving lifetime prison sentences without chance for parole for “drug and other non-violent” offenses.

These offense include possessing a “crack pipe, trying to cash a stolen check, and shoplifting.”

None of the following people have “molested” children or “hurt” people in the ways that Dennis Hastert has, but they will all probably “spend the rest of their lives behind bars.”

In 1996, Timothy Jackson was sentenced to life in prison for shoplifting a $159 jacket.
In 1995, Ramona Brant was sentenced to life in prison for “conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine.” She was granted clemency in 2015 and released earlier this year.
In 1997, Alice Marie Johnson was sentenced to life in prison for “Attempted Possession” of cocaine.
In 2008, Fate Vincent Winslow was sentenced to life in prison for selling two $10 bags of marijuana.
In 2009, Patrick W. Matthews was sentenced to life in prison for stealing a welding machine.
Earlier this year Willie Lee Conner was sentenced to life in prison for stealing a roof nailer from a hardware store.
Earlier this month Jacobia Grime stole $31 worth of candy from a dollar store. He’s now facing a lifetime in prison.

Here we have a “serial child molester” monster paying “hush money” to a victim of sexual abuse and he gets a “paltry” 15 months  jail time for “illegal” financial cash withdrawals.

Apparently Hastert’s “supporters” and the “judge” think he has been through “enough,” and that further “punishment” would be cruel because he is “old and sick.”

So much for those boasting about “family values” and how “morally superior” they are.

They’re “happy” to send you to “jail for life” for smoking pot but for “molesting” kids? A “slap on the wrist” is sufficient.


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