Wily Mother Day Ruse

Wily Mother Day Ruse 00

As Americans “scramble” to find the “perfect” Mother’s Day gift, Chelsea Clinton has an “idea” of what to give her mother: “your money.”

A new “fundraising” email from the Clinton campaign “desk” of Chelsea asks: “Will your name be on my mom’s card?”

Dear Andelina,

With all the noise out there, it can be hard to remember how many of us there are who are standing with my mom, fighting by her side to break down the barriers that hold people back.

So for Mother’s Day, I thought we could show her just how many of us are on her side. That’s why I’m putting together a Mother’s Day card for the whole campaign family to sign.

Will you take a moment to add your name and send my mom some good thoughts?

We’re going to give her the card and all the signatures on Sunday, and I know how much she’d appreciate hearing from you

Thank you. I’m so happy you’re part of this team — and I know my mom is, too.


When you click on the “link embedded” in the email, you’re taken to a page where your “mail address and ZIP code” are ready for you to “sign” the card.

Wily Mother Day Ruse 01

As soon as you hit “sign the card,” you’re asked for “your” money.

Wily Mother Day Ruse 02

If you “prefer” to support the “Hillary for Prison” fund click here.

Wily Mother Day Ruse 03

Every penny of support given to the “Hillary for Prison Fund” will go to researching and reporting on Hillary, Bill and their “cronies” employing “Saul Alinsky” tactics to seize power.

Hillary for Prison 2016 01

Wily Mother Day Ruse 04

Chelsea says: send money to ‘my mom’ to celebrate Mother’s Day
‘Mamas Day’ Card Campaign Celebrates Lesbian, Transgender and Illegal Immigrant Mothers


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