Citizen Exchange Program

Citizen Exchange Program 03

A joint “US-Saudi Arabia” press conference was held inside the “Ka’aba, The House Of Allah” by King Salman and U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, in which they summed up their “negotiations” that ended in a friendly agreement and mutually beneficial citizen exchange program.

After hours of “robust” negotiations, King Salman “addressed” the Saudi people directly: “President Obama promised not to declassify the 28 pages of the 911 Commission Report and we promise not to dump $750 billion US Treasury notes.”

Citizen Exchange Program 01

King Salman then “stunned” reporters with another “bold” proposal, lamenting his kingdom’s “chronic” shortage of foreign sex slaves available as “domestic” help.

“We have asked President Obama, and he has graciously agreed, to send us ’non-Muslim’ American citizens. In exchange, America will receive from us an equal amount of Saudi citizens and residents of our neighboring Muslim countries to replenish the dwindling democratic voter base.”

President Obama, himself progeny of Arab-Muslim slave traders, seemed unable to contain his “enthusiasm” and was overheard to say, “This is consistent with our values. This is who we are.”

Presidential “wannabe” Hillary Clinton, applauded the “agreement” via Skype interview: “This swap could not have happened at a more appropriate time in history.”

“Frankly, the whole Benghazi thing was beginning to get a little taxing.”

Citizen Exchange Program 02

White House Press Secretary Josh Ernest could not “attend” the Makkah press conference because of his current “non-Muslim” status and therefore was “unavailable” for comment.

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