Kill Gays and Lesbians

Kill Gays 01

Many “Gay and Lesbian” activists are not aware that under “Islamic Sharia Law” Muslims are allowed to “kill or imprison” homosexuals.

Murdering “homosexuals” is done by many Muslim countries. The more “Moslem” the country is, the more likely that the “death penalty” for a homosexual is a “reality.”

Many celebrities like “Elton John, Ellen DeGeneres, Adam Lambert, Suze Orman, Rosie O’Donnell, Johnny Mathis, Anderson Cooper, K.D. Lang, Boy George, George Michael, Greg Louganis, Michael Kirby, Melissa Etheridge, David Geffen, Chastity Bono” and countless others would be in “prison or facing murder” and it would not be a “hate” crime in the Middle East to “kill” a gay person.

Many people in the West do not know the “true nature” of Islam and believe “Sharia Law” is a good thing.

Some “Liberal and Leftists” stick up for Islam without “knowing” anything about it, which includes “murdering and harassing” Gay and Lesbians.

Kill Gays 04

Here is a “interview” of a Muslim at a Washington D.C. function called “Muslim Day” where Moslem’s are allowed to “pray” on the White “Rainbow” House lawn.

Here is a Muslim “scholar” from Florida preaching “killing gays is the compassionate thing to do.”

“The only way gays and lesbians can be forgiven is to die,” says this imam, voicing what most Muslims “believe but rarely say in public.”

Not to worry, the Obama administration will “ignore” this while continuing to “harass” and “put out of business” Christian bakeries that “refuse” to make Gay “wedding” cakes.

Kill Gays 02

Kill Gays 03

Islam and Homosexuality
The Islamic State Throws More Gays Off the Roof


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