Trump Inaugural Address


Thank you! Thank you, very much! I mean, sheesh, you guys can stop applauding already! Thank you. Thank you.

You know, this is my first day on the job and people are asking, “What are you going to do to make America great again?” Well, you know, I didn’t take on this job to watch Hillary’s “makeup” dry (laughter, applause).

So for my first day in office, I think we need to address the “vacancy” on the Supreme Court. Anthony Scalia was a very smart man; he was a very, very good “Supreme Court” justice, and it’s gonna be very hard to “replace” somebody like him.

I thought, you know, where are we gonna get a “guy” like him? And then I looked in the “mirror” you know how much I like “doing” that, right (laughter)?

And so I looked in the mirror and I thought, “genius.” I am going to “appoint” Ted Cruz to be the next “justice” on the Supreme Court (wild applause, whistles).

Quite simply, if the Democrats “win,” our Republic is “dead;” they pack the Supreme Court and there is no way out of the “rabbit” hole.

Unless we Republicans take a page from the “Lib’s” book and manage to pack the Supreme Court with ideological “conservatives” the country will continue it’s “slow dance with progressive socialism.”

The “fate of the nation” no longer lies in the “hands” of the Executive Branch, nor the Legislative Branch. The “shadow” government is so entrenched, due in no small part to “rulings” by the Supreme Court, that only the Supreme Court has the wherewithal to “reverse” the damage.

That’s where Ted Cruz comes in: “a young, idealistic constitutional conservative like Ted Cruz would have far more leverage to right the ship of state from the vantage of the bench than from the Oval Office.”


Because let’s “face” it, no matter how many times we “win” the House, the Senate, even the presidency, the “entrenched” cronyism, bureaucracies, and special interests will continue to “drive” a progressive, collectivist, agenda that works against “liberty.”

All the R-team can do is play “defense” and prevent the D-team from running up the score in a “fixed” game.

In order to “change” the game, in order for us to “take it back” and ensure the survival of our “Republic” as conceived by the founders we need to “control” the Supreme Court.

Just as the Left introduced the concept of the Constitution as a “living document” open to their interpretation rather than the founders “intent,” the Right has to run an “activist” Court hell-bent on reestablishing the “doctrine” of original intent. Despite the Left’s “insistence” to the contrary, the concept is still quite “workable” in the modern world.

Ted Cruz would “serve” as Chief Justice surrounded by conservative “replacements” (or conservatives masquerading as liberals) for Brennan, Ginsberg and Kennedy. And as “demonstrated” by the Left, once appointed, presidents can come and go but the “ideology” ensconced in the Supreme Court lives on.

The Court wouldn’t be “afraid” to take up cases that might “upset” the apple cart; cases such as those challenging the “constitutionality” of federal departments and agencies.

We the People 01

We would enjoy a Court that “determines” the outcome of cases along “constitutional” lines rather than “political correctness” and administrative ease; a Court that won’t be afraid to “dismantle” entire unconstitutional bureaucracies (Education, Commerce, Energy for starters) that have taken the “power” out of the hands of Congress (or rather, that Congress has willingly relinquished to them).

And we would have a Court willing to “overturn” precedents that are diametrically “opposed” to the Constitution such as “Affirmative Action, ObamaCare, and the entire Administrative Law Process” that delegates rule making to “bureaucratic” agencies rather than the duly “elected” Congress.

“We the people” do not wish to be ruled by “nameless, faceless bureaucrats elected by nobody and accountable to no one.”

I have a lot of “respect” for the Constitution “contrary” to my predecessor. It was written by some very “smart people” and it’s what helped America to become “great in the first place.”

And it was written so that “no one had all the power,” you know what I mean? They didn’t trust “anyone” with all the power, not even George Washington, and he was a very, very good man. But here’s what they “didn’t” consider.

The Constitution was written for “losers,” and I mean that in a good way. They didn’t want some loser to have “all the power,” and that was a very “smart” move. (more loud cheers).

We the People 03

I have a very “high” IQ. No, really, I do. I’m very “rich.” I’m really proud of all the “money” I made and gave “away.” I’m a winner. And a genius. You can “trust” me I’m gonna use that power to “Make America Great” again (hoots, cheers)!

And when it comes to “confirmation” by the Senate, you know, I’m a “deal” maker. I’m gonna make the Senate see what a “smart” move it would be to “put” Ted Cruz on the Court.

I admire Ted Cruz’s “conservative” chops. I find them to be more important in the “Judicial Branch” than the Executive Office. And that is why he would “serve” well as Supreme Court Justice for another “40 years or so” rather than president for “4 or 8” (loud prolonged cheers)!

Make America Great Again 05

Let’s together make “America Great Again.”

Thank you, thank you! Hey, may I “bless” you all. “Trump bless America!”


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