Climate Fanatics

Cimate Fanatics 02

President Obama, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton state that climate change is more “dangerous” to future generations than “terrorism” and a national “threat” to security.

They advocate “destroying” industries that have greatly “improved” our quality and length of life.

I believe that the American people are entitled to some actual “scientific facts” instead of “talking points.” Here are some questions for the “global warming bandwagon.”

In the 1920s, scientists were warning that because of “warming and the melting ice,” coastal cities would soon disappear. Why were they “wrong” then, and why are the same warnings “correct” today?

How did the Earth cool so much from 1945 to 1976 that the experts were “warning” about a disastrous ice age “if rising CO2, rapidly increasing populations, industrialization, and fossil fuels cause warming?”

According to Universal Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) the temperature today is around 1.53 degrees “warmer” than 1880. Wouldn’t that be within the “margin of error,” especially since the “Little Ice Age” ended around 1800?

According to scientific studies, CO2 was much higher during the ice age – 2,000-8,000 parts per million vs. 400 today. If CO2 causes warming, “why wasn’t the Earth warmer then than it is today?”

Cimate Fanatics 01

Recently, the “U.S. attorney general” said the Justice Department is considering bringing legal action against people who will not go along on “climate change caused by humans.”

Is it any wonder that scientists who are “skeptics” won’t speak out when their livelihood is “threatened?”

Shouldn’t the media do some simple “research” instead of just “repeating” the talking points that “humans cause climate change?”

We should all “remember” that science is almost “never” settled. There is continuous “evolution” in scientific thought.

Cimate Fanatics 03

Why is there such a “great” effort to shut off “debate” on climate change?


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