Cuban Political Prisoners

Che Obama 18

At a joint press conference with El Che Obama, Cuban “dictator” Raúl Castro was asked about “political prisoners” being held by his government.

“Why are there Cuban political prisoners in your country?” CNN reporter Jim Acosta asked.

Raúl Castro immediately went off on the question saying, “Give me the list right now of political prisoners to let go of them. Mention it now, which political prisoners?”

“Tell me the name or the names or when we conclude the press conference you give me a list of the prisoners. And if there are political prisoners then before night falls, they will be free. There!” said the dictator.

When Obama was asked by ABC News anchor David Muir “if he would provide Castro with a list of political prisoners to call the dictator’s public bluff,” Obama refused.

“The truth of the matter is, we’ve given him lists in the past,” Obama said, “and they have responded intermittently to our engagement. And this, I think, is an example of why it was my belief that this would be a more successful mechanism for us to advance the values that we care about than an embargo, and silence, and no communications.”

That begs the question then “why didn’t Obama bring a copy of the past list given to Castro with him to Cuba?”

Earlier in the press conference Castro also said, “Both countries can cooperate and coexist in a civilized manner that is mutually beneficial and rise above the differences we have and will likely continue to have.”

Issues regarding “human rights” remain one of the core “disagreements” between the U.S. and Cuba in spite of “normalized” relations via the reestablishment of “diplomatic” ties.

Shortly before Obama’s arrival in Havana, several protesters from “The Ladies In White” were violently arrested by Cuban authorities.

Obama is to be given “credit” for raising the issues of “civil liberties and free elections” with Raúl Castro, and saying that Cubans should be “free to speak their minds and protest” against their government without fear of “arbitrary detentions.”

Being raised and educated by “liberal” Progressives who have argued for nearly “six” decades that Cuba is a socialist “paradise,” Obama did not “go” far enough.

Che Obama 15

Here are some of the questions “weak, limply and wimpy” El Che Obama should have “asked” Raúl Castro:

  1. When will you allow free and open elections to be held in Cuba, as promised by your brother Fidel shortly after he took command of the country in 1959? How long will the Cuban people have to wait to exercise this basic right of a democracy?
  1. When will you open your government’s archives to allow historians and others to document just how many Cubans have been executed at the order of your brother and other communist officials? The figure given in “The Black Book of Communism” is between 15,000 and 17,000. Is that too high or too low an estimate?
  1. When will you release all political prisoners, especially the husbands, sons, fathers, and friends of the “Ladies in White,” who have provided you with the names of those who are in jail for speaking out for libertad? “The Black Book of Communism” estimates that 100,000 Cubans have been placed in prisons and forced labor camps for “political” reasons. Is that figure too high or too low?
  1. When will you allow the free market to truly operate in Cuba so that the average worker will be able to earn a decent wage rather than the penurious $20 a month he presently receives? When will you allow credit cards—an essential instrument of modern commerce—to be used and accepted? When will you allow open Internet and Wifi for Cuban people?
  1. When will your brother Fidel admit that Che Guevara—admired by many young Americans—was not a high-minded revolutionary, but a cold-blooded murderer who functioned as Fidel’s personal executioner? Isn’t it true that he was a great admirer of China’s Cultural Revolution and that it was he, not Fidel, who invented Cuba’s first “corrective labor camp”—i.e., a gulag?
  1. Isn’t it true that Cuba is not a socialist “paradise,” but a troubled third-world country ruled by a communist regime that discourages religion, denies freedom of the press and of speech, bars legitimate elections, treats the judiciary as a lapdog, and reveres the Communist Party above all things?

Any “meaningful and enduring” relationship between Cuba and America must be based on the “truth.” And the truth about what “communism” has done to the Cuban people for nearly sixty years has “yet to be told.”

This is the hand of a weak, limply and wimpy leader…

Che Obama 07

“Let’s give a big hand to this stupid gringo. He sold out America for a smile and a photo op.”

Obama: They make fun of me. They say I am weak, limply and wimpy. They say I was born in Africa and I am Michelle’s bitch. Oh, Godfather, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do…

Raúl: You can act like a Man!  What’s the matter with you? Is this what you’ve become, a Hollywood Finocchio who cries like a woman? “Oh, what do I do? What do I do?” What is that nonsense? Ridiculous!

Che Obama 19

Obama’s Human Rights Contribution.

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