Religious War

Religious War 02

So we once again have “received” another lesson in radical Islam-inspired terrorism, this time in Brussels.

What have we “done?” Nothing. What have we “learned?” Nothing.

Why? Because we continue to “refuse” to face Islam-inspired “terrorism” for what it truly is, namely a “Religious War.”

This is an endemic “ideological” practice inspired by Islam that continues and will continue to “grow and cast” its nets across the world.

Worse, we have yet not done anything to “stop and destroy” this political movement “disguised” in the name of religion.

It is an “epidemic” problem of such a “magnitude” that each day we do nothing, it “grows” tenfold. And yes, they are “amongst” us.


That said, the battle against “terrorism,” as with any threat, should not be “engaged” at home, but as far from U.S. “shores” as possible.

That has always been a hallmark of “U.S. national security and foreign policy.” It has been so since the late 1800s.

Religious War 01

It is one of the reasons we have “kept” U.S. forces, intelligence capabilities, and have “encouraged and engaged” in the development of strong alliances and partnerships to “foster” democratic institutions of government worldwide.


It comes down to “institutions of law vs. law of the jungle.” Islam will look for and seek out more “liberal” institutions to “infiltrate” and sew their seeds of “propaganda, indoctrination, and ideology.”

This video was “posted” on March 13th, nine days “before” the Brussels terrorist attacks.

Let me make one other point very clear. We are “dealing” here with Islam.

Until we are able to “approach and address” this issue on a “mature” level and face the “problem” for what it truly is, and “calling” it what it is, innocent people will “continue” to die, both at the hands of the “radical Islamists,” and by fault of the “politicians and pacifists” who fail to call it out for “what it actually is.”

This Islam-inspired scourge and its “radical” ideology and vengeful tenets is a “political movement,” cloaked in a so-called “religion of peace.”

To their “advantage,” they know that is our “weakness,” and that by virtue of “political correctness,” we will continue to “entrap” ourselves in a never-ending effort to “pacify, appease, and placate” the Jihadist aggressors.

Religious War 03

And of course, never forget to stipulate, “how dare we, and who are we to criticize Islam?”

Despite attack after attack, this endless “cycle” causes us to continue to rationalize our “weakness and failures,” and continue to question “why and how did this happen”  again and again.

Rather than address the “threat,” implement cogent “plans of action” to take the problem “head-on,” and show resolve and do it, we “continue” to ask why.


The problem isn’t ISIS, AQ, Al-Nusra, Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah or Al-Shabbat, or the 40 others. The problem is “Islam,” which commands its followers to “Sow terror and confusion among the infidel.”

These attacks are not done to make a “military” impact, they’re done to cause “confusion” in the classic sense to “split” a society into fighting “internal” factions, so it is weakened “enough” to be taken later.

Later may be “decades or centuries;” it does not matter to Islam, it can wait. It has been overturning “weaker” societies for 1400 years,

It is not going to stop via a “bit of appeasement.”

It’s a “ongoing” religious war of “ideological” differences. Read the Qur’an. Closing “borders” won’t work unless you “eradicate” all Muslims who want to become an “advocate of radical political or social reform.”

Radicalization is a process by which an individual or group comes to adopt increasingly extreme political, social, or religious ideals and aspirations that (1) reject or undermine the status quo or (2) reject and/or undermine contemporary ideas and expressions of freedom of choice.

Get ready to “hear” Obama and other world leaders say, “But of course this has nothing to do with Islam.”

Religious War 04

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