Peeing Is Political

Peeing Is Political 05

Toilets are deeply “problematic” for feminists because they “reinforce” the idea that there are “differences” between men and women, according to research that “cost” U.K. taxpayers $53,731.

The aim of the research was to explore and disrupt perceived notions of “access” and “identity” and to find ways of articulating the idea that “‘peeing is political.”

Dr. Jenny Slater of Sheffield Hallam University led the research, which was the only government-funded research Slater has ever performed.

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“Thinking around toilets, and their function as material as well as socio-cultural environments, presents an opportunity to think in multi-faceted ways about forms of identity,” says the paper’s abstract.

“Toilets often present a stark visual and material enactment of a gender binary in ways that can be problematic for trans, gender queer, or non-binary people who do not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth.”

The researched used “toilet talk,” an “arts- and practice-based approach” to experiment with as a method of investigating issues about toilets of “access and identity” in relation to “gender and disability.”

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The art will later be “displayed” at an event targeting urban planners, architects and other city professionals.

The funding was used to create five “research workshops” that took place between April and September of 2015.

These workshops engaged in the artistic practice of “reflective storytelling” and “making/creating and performance,” in collaboration with the “queer poetry, art, and theater collective” Queer of the Unknown and Action for Trans Health.

One other “collaboration” was arranged with the “Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People.”

The research was directly “funded” by a research grant from the “U.K. Arts and Humanities Research Council,” which has an annual operating “budget” of $144.85 million.

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