Gitmo Detainees

Gitmo Detainees 02

President Obama announced that he is going to finally “shut down” Guantanamo Bay, keeping a “promise” he made back in January of 2009.

As part of the “closure plan,” of the nearly 1,000 terror “suspects” currently held in the prison approximately 600 will be “relocated” to a maximum “security” prison inside the United States.

Once they have “completed” their time they will be “offered” a U.S. citizenship and additional “funding” to help them get a decent “start” with a new life as “valuable” American citizen.

Gitmo Detainees 01

Expecting many Americans to be “outraged” with this idea, the administration has been slow in “disclosing” its plans regarding the remaining 400 “terror” suspects, who are going to be quietly “released” onto U.S. soil and almost immediately provided with “housing and welfare” benefits.

According to several “insider” reports, all of the homes on the “relocation list” have been recently repossessed from military “veterans” of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, who have “difficulty” paying mortgages due to “injuries” sustained in battle.

Gitmo Detainees 05

The military veterans in question used to “own” their homes under a mortgage through the “Veterans Administration,” which is a federal loan program. This effectively makes their homes “property” of the federal government, with little to no recourse to “counter” the presidential decision.

William Upton, a former “helicopter” pilot who served in the Army Air Corps flying a “medic” helicopter from 2007 to 2011, was one of the veterans chosen to be “evicted” from his home to make way for a “former” Guantanamo Bay detainee.

Gitmo Detainees 06

In an “interview” with a reporter, Upton said this:

“The very same day I learned they were shutting down Gitmo, I got a letter with a yellow slip from the VA. On that slip was an official notice that my home was being repossessed and re-purposed to house a former detainee. It said that this was another way I could serve my country and that I had until November 1st of this year to pack my belongings and get out. The bottom of the slip said that if I was still on the property by that time, I would be fined and arrested for trespassing on federal property. There was a non-negotiable check for $7,500 enclosed, but that’s only a fraction of the value of my home and of what I already paid towards it.”

Soon after the publication of Upton’s interview, the V.A. contacted the former pilot, saying that it was “unfortunate” he went to the press with his “displeasure” and that the time to vacate his “federally” owned home was more than “generous,” further stating that if he had an “issue” with it, the V.A. was equipped to deal with “unreasonable” and “difficult” veterans.

Gitmo Detainees 07

Once Upton came out with the news, more “veterans” followed his example in spite of the veiled “threats” from the V.A. One of them was Brian Knight, a former Marine who was “disabled” by an IED in Baghdad in June of 2006.

According to Knight, who grew too “emotional” to complete the interview, the V.A. sent him a similar notice with the same “eviction” date. The V.A. letter also demanded that he take down the “wheelchair ramp” he had installed at the front door, at his “own” cost.

According to the letter, the “unsightly ramp was not needed” because the next occupant would be able-bodied. “They’re giving my home to the very people who got me crippled,” Knight concluded.

Gitmo Detainees 08

As of now the Obama administration is set to “forcibly” remove nearly 300 veterans and their families, many of whom have “nowhere” to go and could end up “homeless” on the street if they can’t find “lodging” with a friend or a relative.

As more veterans are coming forward to express their “anger” and the feeling that they have been “betrayed” by this administration, the federal government remains “undeterred” from its decision to move the Guantanamo Bay “terror” prisoners into the homes “repossessed” from military veterans of the “wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Gitmo Detainees 11

It is currently “against” the law  to bring “Prisoners of War” from GITMO to the US lest they gain “constitutional” rights.

Which is a huge “flaw” in our constitution. As long as “AL-Qaeda, ISIS, AL-Shabaab” and other terror groups who “declare” war against the U.S. are classified as “Prisoners of War” they are not “terrorists.”

These POW’s, currently “housed” in government quarters at Guantanamo, are in fact “Veterans of War” and will be eligible for “treatment” at the VA clinic nearest to their new “relocation” homes.

As relocates technically were still on “active duty” while incarcerated, they have accrued “pay and benefits”  like Bowe Bergdahl who was “promoted” to Sergeant with accruing “back” pay.

And think of the glorious “efficiency” of moving these new “reformed” citizens to hometowns across this country! Already “loyal” to the party, well versed in the ways of “Sharia,” as they impregnate their “female” neighbors, “rape” other local citizens, and establish “anchor babies” with their multiple “wives” and families!

Gitmo Detainees 09

Ex-Guantanamo “detainee” Ibrahim AL-Qosi has become a prominent “fixture” in Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s (AQAP) “propaganda” since early December, when he first “revealed” that he is a senior leader in the group.

Qosi most recently delivered a two-part “critique” of the Saudi monarchy, entitled “A Message to Our People in the Land of the Two Holy Mosques.”

Qosi begins his nearly 50-minute lecture, which was posted online on Feb. 6, by “denouncing” the Saudi government’s execution of more than 40 “mujaheddin” in January. The men were “killed,” he says, because they declared “jihad” against the “Crusaders” and opposed American interests around the globe.

Qosi then discusses AL Qaeda’s “jihad” against the Saudi regime, saying Osama bin Laden was “motivated” by America’s supposed “occupation” of Arabia’s two holiest sanctuaries. Bin Laden repeatedly “warned” the Saudis about the American presence, but the monarchy “resisted” calls to end the alliance.

According to Qosi, more than 400 scholars signed a letter “decrying” the situation.

Gitmo Detainees 03

After transferring the “prisoners and military” out of Guantánamo Bay, President Obama by his own “will and authority” will give the Cubans the “base” out of goodwill.

This will be the most “celebrated” command exchange. All the celebrities like Usher, Carmelo Anthony, Rihanna, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Conan O’Brien, Paris Hilton, Kevin Spacey, and Jack Nicholson will attend this event in proper communist attire.

In the ceremony, President Obama will give the “keys” to Raul Castro after a speech to “commemorate” this day.

Some of his jokes will be, “I wish I can stay here for my rest of my life, but I have to go back to Washington D.C.”

Gitmo Detainees 04

The Castro family has plans to “transfer” their prisoners to Guantánamo Bay because their “old state prisons” are falling apart. How “kind” of President Obama to give the Cuban government a highly “security” prison from which no one could “ever” escape.

Obama detailed  a plan he’ll submit to Congress to bring 91 “political” prisoners from Cuba to the United States. Unjustly imprisoned by an “oppressive” regime, the plan calls for the immediate “release” of 35 inmates to a yet “undetermined” locations within the U.S., while the “remaining” 56 will be given notices to report to an “immigration” facility for processing at a later date.

“These men have been imprisoned for 15 years, and their only crime was to disagree with the policies of the government that imprisoned them,” Obama said in remarks.

Gitmo Detainees 10

“It is entirely consistent with our American values that we offer them sanctuary within the borders of the United States.”

The President “clarified” that he has the “authority” to take this action “with or without” Congressional approval.

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