Papal Cold War

Papal Cold War 03

The “Pope” (Peoples Own Pedophile Emperor) is the ultimate “boss” of the world’s “Roman Catholics,” as well as the “ringleader“ of the world’s largest “pedophile” group.

He is best known for his “flamboyant” paper hats, his time-traveling “powers,” and for looking exactly like the “evil” Emperor Palpatine from “Star Wars” as well as for fulfilling the Emperor Palpatine’s “fictional” role in real life.

Papal Cold War 04
Pope Francis is a living “saint.” No one is more “moral,” more “humble,” or more “right,” and if you forget, non-Catholic “news” broadcasters are more than willing to “remind” you about how “great” he is.

He is “beloved” by virtue of not being “German or from Europe” and by virtue of being less staunchly “Catholic” than his dogmatic predecessors.

Papal Cold War 07

After waiting “patiently” for all these years, it appears we have a new “Cold War” brewing. I cannot wait for Donald Trump “traveling” to Rome and “confronting” the Pope on that “oppressive” Vatican Wall.

Papal Cold War 01

If walls are “UN-Christian” then why do you think Charle Magne and Pope Leo III built the walls? The answer was to keep out Muslim “invaders” who took Italy in the late 9th century and “forced” the entire Church to either take “refuge” in France or stay and endure the “siege and fall” of Constantinople. The Vatican was not “reclaimed” until 1379 during the “Norman” Crusades.

Is it not “ironic” that the Vatican “wall” was built to keep out “terrorists?” And today most of the presidential “candidates” want to change “policy” to keep out both “terrorists” and unlawful “immigrants.”

Papal Cold War 05

I have a hard time picturing Pope Leo III as a “non Christian.” The Vatican wall should remain, as a “reminder” of the past, of what it took for Christians to regain their “freedom and religion” from Islamic expansionist “oppression.”

Do you remember the days when we were “panic” stricken at the idea of a “Catholic” presidential candidate because he might “defer” to the Vatican on all the things that are so important to the “Progressive” agenda?

Papal Cold War 08

Remember how “proud” we were of Catholics like Kerry and Pelosi putting the “Party” above whatever the Pope thought? So much so that we don’t even “think of them” as Catholics, except when they “deem it convenient” to mention.

Remember how we “rubbed” our hands with glee and “drooled” over the prospect of the Catholic Church “collapsing and disintegrating” under the weight of all those “sex scandals”—incessant, outraged talk of which “vanished” into thin air about five minutes after “Nazi” Pope Joseph Ratzinger resigned?

Remember how we “screamed” at Christ fascists that it was wrong to “judge” others? To threaten us with nonexistent “eternal” hell-fire  simply because we had the “courage” to embrace all things Progressive? That it was flat out “wrong” to question anyone’s Christianity, just as it was wrong to question one’s “patriotism?” Remember when patriotism was all flag waving “jingoism and xenophobia” and scary chants of “USA! USA!”?

Papal Cold War 02

Remember when Popes “raised” a fuss about governments that built “walls” to keep people from “fleeing out” to do their own individual thing, instead of “fleeing in” to expand the Collective, increase revenue, and thus “consolidate” the Party’s power?

Remember the days, years, decades, when it was “Communism vs. Catholicism” in a battle for which behemoth “entity” would ultimately retain the “power” to control the most “lives, the most territory, the most assets, the most wealth, and in consequence, wield absolute rule over the entire world?”

Remember when the Pope was just another “out-of-touch old white dude,” like John McCain, Bob Dole or Antonin Scalia?

Thanks to the “Current Truth” all of that has now changed, at least for the “time” being!

Now the Pope is a really cool old “daddy-o hipster dude,” just like Bernie Sanders, George Soros or Harry Reid! And everyone should “obey” him without question, even if they “aren’t” Catholic!

Hell now exists—in fact, it’s “always” existed—only it’s the place where all “conservatives” go after they die. They “lied” about hell, because “lying” is what liberals do. Oh, and there’s also a “special”place there for any woman who “doesn’t” vote for Hillary.

We also know now that the Bible was “cobbled” together centuries ago by a bunch of “old, white, misogynistic, homophobic, Islamophobic” conservative men who also thought the “earth” was flat and believe “climate” is the one thing in all the universe more “dangerous” than national security.

Papal Cold War 06

That’s all we need to know to take “heart” in the truth that Jesus “commanded” us to be Socialists. Ergo, all salvation is “collectively” granted, along with our “rights,” by the government. It’s not some personal, “individual” relationship between you and a “mythical” being.

Also, “Patriotism” according to Pope Francis now has a new definition. Patriotism, like “Peace, Coexistence, Civility and Christianity” is now the “absence of opposition to Socialism.”

As for Christianity, all Progressives believe America “needs” to be more like other countries, like Denmark with its work “benefits” or Australia with its laws against private “gun” ownership.

Papal Cold War 10

And then there are those Muslim countries where Christians are “jailed or executed” for not keeping their hateful, outmoded “beliefs” to themselves or even “abandoning” them altogether.

This isn’t the first time Pope Francis got directly “involved” in US politics. He is a man who loves the “walled” ground he walks on so much that he gets “dirty” in politics. He would cast the first “stone” for the cause. Sadly, Donald Trump does not follow the “rules” and will not give a “hush puppy” to the cause.

Here is a “tribute” song to the Pope…

The lyrics to this song can be found HERE…

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