In an effort to make the Islamic Republic of Iran a more “progressive and socially accepting” state, the Iranian government has announced that it will “indefinitely” halt the routine executions of homosexuals within its borders and legally recognize “gay marriage,” which signifies a dramatic shift in national policy.


Supreme Leader of the “Islamic Revolution of Iran” Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei announcement came early yesterday morning in the wake of the “massive amount of money” given to the nation of Iran by the United States. It is speculated that the recent “change of heart” is a direct result of the Obama administration’s “friendly attitude” towards Iran.


The announcement came as a “shock” to many, especially the “human rights activists” in the United States who had previously written off Iran as an enemy of the LGBTFQAPBCU© movement. But now that the Iranian government has made an official stance against the “public hanging” of its homosexual citizens, recognizing it as a “violation” of human rights, the LGBTFQAPBCU© community has now the possibility of “labeling” the Islamic nation as an “ally” to the movement.


The Iranian government has also announced that in the coming months it will release “incarcerated” prisoners it had previously “rounded up,” as soon as the authorities finish processing the “extensive paperwork” and, in some cases, determine the amount of “financial compensation” to the former inmates. The release of the “massive number of prisoners” arrested for their “homosexuality” will be a monumental “bureaucratic” task, but one “worthwhile” in the words of Iranian government officials.


Many Middle East experts attribute the “sudden shift in policy” to over a hundred billion dollars “donation” given to Iran by the Obama administration, speculating that the “well-meaning and open-handed” U.S. policy has changed Iran’s “disposition” towards the “progressive and humanitarian treatment” of the LGBTFQAPBCU© community, making it more “aligned” with one adopted in the United States in recent years.


As Iran is changing its “policies regarding homosexuality” within its borders, many international LGBTFQAPBCU© organizations and “donors” have already expressed their “readiness to assist” in any way possible to help the soon to be “released” prisoners in rebuilding their lives and preparing them for a “bright future” in the Middle East.

Word is spreading within the LGBTFQAPBCU© community; Iran will soon become the “Mecca” of diversity and tolerance once dreamed of by “marginalized outcasts” here in the USA.

Demonstration against Iran's policy on gay rights

A new dawn awaits our LGBTFQAPBCU© friends – “don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime.“

Hurry, apply for your “passport” and consult the U.S. Department of State Travel Information page to join your Iranian “brothers and sisters” in solidarity!


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