Chill Out Moments

Chill Out Moments 00

A Vegas Taco Place got robbed so they used the security footage…

…to try find the burglars and promote Frijoles & Frescas Grilled Tacos

“What is Festivus”

Happy Festivus to everyone.

“Lesbian Penis Touch”

“Gay Men Boobs Touch”

“People Drink Their Own Urine”

Welcome to 2016.

“Patriots Playoff Video”

San Francisco here we come boys!

“Roman Candles”

Homemade mini gun.

“Lady Messes Around With A Lighter”

At the gas pump and it goes less than well.

“Sportsman of the Year”

Leighton Hewitt’s face says it all.

“Cannon Balling Into A Frozen Pool”

Don’t be like this silly German.

“Make America Great Again”

Well that painted a beautiful picture of America.

“The Best Of Greg Giraldo”

RIP to this certified genius.

“Wal-Mart Rumble”

Brawl of the year.

“Asian Dude Popping Buckets”

True artistry of playing pop a shot basketball.

“Scaring Your Roommate”

Just the little things that make you miss college.

“Mexican Weather Girl Butt”

God bless Mexican weather girls.

“Baseball Pre Bat Routine”

Baton bat ninja routine.

“Dog Who Loves Tennis”

Georges is a tennis enthusiast. A student of the game.

“Archer Skills”

When it comes to arrows this guy can shoot.

“Coffee House Doubles Revenue”

After switching to topless Baristas.


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