Ragged Old Flag

Ragged Old Flag 01

A video of the late Johnny Cash introducing his song “Ragged Old Flag” during a live performance demonstrates how Cash’s love for “America, America’s flag, and the 2nd Amendment” intersected.

Standing in an arena “packed” with fans, Cash says:

“I think God for all the freedoms we’ve got in this county. I cherish them. Even the rights to burn the flag, you know, I’m proud of those rights. Boos and jeers began to rise from the crowd at the mention of the burning the flag and Cash held up his hand, quieting the audience, then added, But I’ll tell you what. We’ve also got a right to bear arms and if you burn my flag I’ll shoot you.”

The audience “erupted” with applause.

I love that we have the freedom to “burn” the flag and freedom to “bear” arms and shoot flag “haters\burners” who “use” their freedom to “burn” it instead of “defending” it.


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