State of the Caliphate

Amazing Disgrace 04

Everything is Bush’ fault.

Over at RT I clicked their “State of the Caliphate” article and found some of the “best” comments I’ve seen about “Mullah” Obama’s speech.

It’s a green faced lie! – Anon Wibble
When collapse is near, the lies become more and more delusional. – Serg Derbst
Obama is such a joke, its no longer funny anymore. -Alex P
Wall to wall weasel words from the biggest weasel since Nixon. – Johnny Derp
Pathetic drivel by Obama, even the pausing in between every sentence made no impact on anyone, pure tripe . – Martin Riggs
White house pulp fiction.- Hilarious. – Kaptain Amerika
Last speech of man who starting from change and ended in deep debt. – Andrei Kuznetsov
Exceptionally pompous. – Diego Prendergast
By “most durable” he means sinking like a brick. – Jethan Roderet
Muricans are the only ignoramuses who thought his phony-baloney bullshit had correlation to actual facts. – Ru bear
Soon, even the densest brainwashed imbeciles will have to realize Obama is incapable of speaking a single word of truth. – Тимоти Блокер
Is there any doubt now that poor old Obama has slipped into the role as America’s favorite comedian? Look at the stooges in the background photo shots salivating and frothing at the mouth, hung on every word the comedian says. Obama should be nominated for his outstanding comedy in film, television and stage. – Tassie
The US job miracle: Everybody has 2 or 3 part-time jobs in catering, big box stores, bars, on the street, or in strip joints, or the erotica businesses. – Kaptain Amerika
Did anyone in the know really expect this chump to quit lying all of a sudden? – Ben Dere
No way, it would tarnish his standard bearing, unpolished image! Like his predecessors, he too will take his lies to the grave. – George Bowling
As the USS Economy continues sailing full steam ahead, on a path straight into the ocean’s biggest icebergs. An iceberg called ‘Debt’ and another called ‘Deflation.’ – Jerry Bear
Yeah it’s durable… It’s bent out of shape, and it can’t snap back up anymore!!! – George Bowling
It will be interesting if China & Russia will call on the debts that America owns them. – Roger Wee
USA is a circus tent. – Colonel Von Strohm
An open air circus tent but the Yanks think they have a tent because the government tells them the tent is there and the media agrees. – mickeydee555

State of the Caliphate 03

State of the Caliphate 04

State of the Caliphate 05

State of the Caliphate 06

State of the Caliphate 07

State of the Caliphate 08

State of the Caliphate 09

State of the Caliphate 10

State of the Caliphate 11

State of the Caliphate 12

State of the Caliphate 02

I didn’t watched the “caliphate” address because I could tell that it was going to be yet another package of “lies.” Rainbow House 01

I also can’t stand Obama the “bloviator” and being spoon fed White “Rainbow” Mosque propaganda.


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