Truthful 2015 Trump Moments

Truthful 2015 Trump Moments 01

In looking back at the “second half of 2015,” here are Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump’s most “memorable” statements of the year.

Since Trump entered the “race” in June, he has not only “determined” to a larger degree which “issues” are discussed on the “trail” and at the “debates” by his rivals, but has often himself become a “topic” of discussion.

This is in large part thanks to Trump’s “ability” to cut straight into his opponents “political” correctness which is “destroying” this country.

Some of those “truthful” cuts were “deeper” than others…

Truthful 2015 Trump Moments 03

CBS aired an “interview” with Donald Trump.

Below are two videos of the interview; the first is the interview segment as it “aired” on CBS broadcast, the second is the full 17+ minute “extended cut” interview which CBS “didn’t want to promote.”

Donald Trump absolutely “nails” these interviews. I strongly suggest you watch these videos with “vigilance” and pay close “attention” to what Trump is “saying and how he is saying it.”

There’s a severe “seriousness” within his delivery reflecting abundantly clear the “eyes to the threats!”
Question: “aren’t you concerned you’re going too far”?
Trump: “what’s “too far”” (to defend American people) ?

The Donald is ready to “Make America Great Again,” so buckle up and get out there and “vote” Trump 2016.

Truthful 2015 Trump Moments 02

It’s Time to Rally Around Donald Trump


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