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A startup company specializing in creating “emojis” pillows for the 2016 presidential “race”call their new initiative Prezimojis.

Show some “love” for your favorite presidential “candidate” with limited edition emojis “plush pillows” and emojis “keyboards.”

So far they have created “Trump, Carson, Sanders, and Hillary” as you can see in the promotional video.

Digital Emojis 01

Connect with your “favorite” presidential candidate like never before.

The 2016 presidential “campaign” has seen more “engagement and excitement” from voters than ever before.

Harness that excitement and “connect” with the candidates through the most “expressive” form of communication: “emojis.”

92% of “online” consumers regularly use “emojis,” sending an average of “96” per day. Age does not “affect” usage.

With so many people interacting with “emojis,” why has there been a lack of this important “communication” tool in the presidential campaign?

Digital Emojis 00

“Prezimojis” provides two ways to “connect” with the 2016 campaign.

We have created the first keyboard“emojis”  with the 4 top presidential candidates, “Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Ben Carson, and Hillary Clinton.” Each candidate has 36 “different” emotions for use on SMS and across social media.

We have “leveraged” these emojis to create our “second” product “presidential candidate plush emojis pillows.”

These 10-inch “plush” pillows are not only a cute “cuddle-a-candidate” but they also show that you have “true” American spirit.

Digital Emojis 04

Our research has shown that it is a bit “awkward” to cuddle with your friends during a “campaign” rally or debate viewing party.

We solve that problem in a “new and unique” way.

Cuddle with your new “Prezimojis” pillow and show your support. We have feature rich “emojis and pillows” that help communicate “exactly” how you feel.

Sad? Send a “crying” Carson. Scared? Send a “fearful” Clinton.

Digital Emojis 02

Our studies show that people who “support” their candidates with emojis pillows are far “superior” to those who don’t.

However, at the end of the day, we’ve built cute “emojis” pillows with your favorite candidate on them and a “keyboard” that allows you to “blast” your friends with your “favorite” candidate’s emojis.

You either “want them or you don’t.”

Digital Emojis 05

We don’t anticipate any major “obstacles” once we are successfully funded, but there could be “delays” in production and shipment if we are hit with “extremely” large demand.

If this does occur, we will look to “expand” our manufacturer network to “ensure” a quality product more quickly.

In addition to “digital” emojis they want to make 10″ plush “pillows” with the candidates’ faces so you can “snuggle” with your favorite contender and “wet” it with your tears if “he or she” drops in the polls.

It’s a “cruel” world out there, and what we really “need” right now is more plush pillows to “soften” the harsh blows.

Digital Emojis 03

Thank you for taking the time to check out our “Kickstarter” campaign and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out anytime.



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