We are all Muslim

We are all Muslim 00

American “has-been” filmmaker, left wing political “loon” and social “fatso” activist Michael Moore has sent Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump a letter “chastising” him on his recent statements to “temporarily ban all Muslims from entering the United States” until proper Government “vetting” safeguards are in place.

In his letter, which he posted on his Facebook page, Moore said Trump’s anti-Muslim statements “were made in depression and insanity.”

We are all Muslim 19

Moore also published a “picture” of himself in front of Trump Tower in New York with the caption “We are all Muslim.”

Moore went on to say that he was raised to believe in “equality” of people as brothers and sisters, regardless of “race, colour and religion.”

He added that “we are all Muslim, just as we are all Mexican, we are all Catholic and Jewish and white and black and every shade in between.”

What a “priggish” way to create publicity for his new documentary “Where To Invade Next” by scoffing at the “security” of the American people, all the while having “armed” bodyguards for his own protection.

We are all Muslim 02

I guess that’s what “wealthy” progressives “snobs” do.

Now, his “detractors” might say it’s easy to stand with a sign next to a “secure” Trump Tower in Manhattan.

But we know that Michael Moore is a fearless “slob,” so we imagine he can also bring his “We are all Muslim” signs to other, less “secure” locations.

Let’s help Michael “visualize” his cardboard campaign “cutouts” to prove his mettle!

We are all Muslim 03

We are all Muslim 04

We are all Muslim 05

We are all Muslim 06

We are all Muslim 07

We are all Muslim 08

We are all Muslim 09

We are all Muslim 10

We are all Muslim 11

We are all Muslim 12

We are all Muslim 13

We are all Muslim 14

We are all Muslim 17

We are all Muslim 18

In related news, Donald Trump came out to join the “picket” with his own sign, reminding Michael Moore that they both are, in fact, “millionaire” property owners.

We are all Muslim 15

When asked whose “message” they find more appealing, most “passersby” sided with Trump, saying that they’d “rather” be millionaire “property” owners than “Muslims.”



A media “poll” taken five minutes later shows that Trump’s “rating” has grown to a new “record” high because of this “interaction.”

“We are all Muslim,” says left-wing loon and has-been director Michael Moore
What happens when a Muslim grandfather savagely rapes his own two-year-old granddaughter?


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