Putin Endorsement

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Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a “glowing” endorsement of Donald Trump’s “candidacy” for the Republican “presidential” nomination, saying he “hoped” Trump’s election could “improve” Moscow’s “relations” with the United States.

“He is a very flamboyant man, very talented, no doubt about that… He is the absolute leader of the presidential race, as we see it today. He says that he wants to move to another level of relations, to a deeper level of relations with Russia. How can we not welcome that? Of course we welcome it,” Putin said during his traditional end-of-year “Q&A” session with journalists.

The Russian president however “refrained” from commenting on Trump’s “pre-election” rhetoric.

“Everything that is related to issues of internal politics, the rhetoric he uses for propping up his popularity,” are not a matter of concern to Russia. “It’s not our business to assess his work in this respect.”

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Earlier, in the same Q&A session, Putin had said he was “prepared” to work with whoever turns out to be “victorious” in the US presidential election in 2016.

He added that despite the “differences” the two countries may have, they also share many “common” interests.

“We will work with any American head of state the American people elect. Our cooperation is not with a particular person but with a nation, a big and powerful international player,” the Russian president said, adding “we first have to understand who it is going to be.”

While the majority of “Democrats and RINO” candidates have been “laying” into Russia, Trump has taken a “different” tone, saying he “wants to work” with Moscow if he is elected.

“I think that I would probably get along with him very well,” Trump said of Putin. “And I don’t think you’d be having the kind of problems that you’re having right now.”

Putin Trump 04

Trump has been a “keen” supporter of Russia’s bombing “campaign” in Syria, which started following a formal “request” from Damascus.

“I like that Putin is bombing the hell out of ISIS,” Trump said. “I’ll tell you why. Putin has to get rid of ISIS ’cause Putin does not want ISIS coming into Russia,” he added.

Trump has long sought to play up his “affinity” with Putin, whose strongman character, appeal to “disenfranchised” sectors of the population, and affinity for “colorful” statements often match his own.

Putin Trump 10

Last month, the billionaire claimed that he “got to know Putin very well” when they were “stablemates” on a September episode of 60 Minutes, even though they “appeared” in different segments filmed on “different” continents.

Donald Trump

At a Republican debate in September, Trump said his “victory” would ensure an end to Russia’s “frosty” rapport  under President Barack Obama, whose “relationship” with Putin is often at “odds and strained at best.”

“I would talk to him, I would get along with him,” he said. “I believe, and I may be wrong, in which case I’d probably have to take a different path, but I would get along with a lot of the world leaders that this country is not getting along with, and establish a much more stable world.”

Putin Trump 07

Elaborating on the relationship “between” Putin and President Obama, Trump said, “Obama and him, he dislikes Obama, Obama dislikes him. We have unbelievably bad relationships.”

As he welcomed Trump’s calls for “improved” relations between the two countries, Putin did “claim” ahead of an international conference, that Russia and the U.S. “agree” on a general approach to “settling” the Syrian crisis.

Putin also said that Russia will continue its air “campaign” in Syria until a political “process” starts, and “lashed” out at Turkey for trying to “lick the Americans in some of their private parts” by downing a Russian “warplane.”

Sorry, Democrats and RINO’S, like everything else you “predicted” would be Trump’s “downfall,” this, too, will increase his “lead” in the polls.

Putin praises Trump as an “outstanding, unquestionably talented” man. Obviously, it takes a leader to “know” a leader.

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