Titanic Bergdahl Struggle

Titanic Bergdahl Struggle 00

Deserter Bowe Bergdahl.

Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer referred to the issue of “charging” Bowe Bergdahl with “desertion” as a “titanic struggle behind the scenes” between the “Pentagon,” which wants to charge Bergdahl, and the “White House,” which wants to continue stonewalling.

US soldier freed by Taliban in exchange for Guantanamo detainees

Based on Barack Obama repeatedly showing a proclivity for “defending” all things Islam, the “absurd” terms on which the “trade” for Bergdahl was based which included five “Taliban” commanders and $5 Billion to Qatar, a “terror” state that harbors “Muslim Brotherhood” spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi, and Obama warmly “welcoming” Bergdahl’s Muslim “parents” to the White House, we’re “beginning” to see what Shaffer meant.

Titanic Bergdahl Struggle 01

Below is a video based on a report Shoebat.com did shortly after Bergdahl’s parents were given the “red carpet” treatment at the White House and the latest news about the issue of “charging” Bergdahl with “desertion.”

The evidence of the “conversion” of Bergdahl’s father to “Islam” is increasingly “important” and very “relevant” when investigating the “reasons” why Obama, through his deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, is so “adamant” that the charges “not” be brought.

In the video below, Anwar al-Awlaki is seen preaching “hatred” inside the Dar al-Hijrah mosque in October of 2001, where he was an “Imam.”

Bergdahl’s father had this video listed as one of his favorites:

It is “shockingly” still in existence today, despite being a notorious “hotbed” for terrorism.

The man ultimately responsible for “hiring” al-Awlaki at Dar al-Hijrah was the “chairman of the mosque” at the time, Bassam Estwani.

Titanic Bergdahl Struggle 08

Estwani with Hillary in the White House, during Eid event.

Estwani was a Muslim Brotherhood infiltrator who had access to the Clinton White House “working” for decades in the U.S. to “influence” top U.S. politicians to advance “Sharia” law.

He once “welcomed” al-Qaradawi to Dar al-Hijrah and expressed great “deference” to al-Qaradawi by sitting on the floor as al-Qaradawi spoke.

Titanic Bergdahl Struggle 07

Qaradawi (L) and Estwani (seated on floor) at Dar al-Hijrah prior to 1999. Qaradawi currently living in Qatar.

In 1999, al-Qaradawi was “banned” from entering the U.S. and has been given “safe harbor” in Qatar, where the five “Taliban” commanders were sent along with “$5 Billion” in exchange for Bergdahl.


The “titanic struggle” Shaffer referred to is still going on. Two of the soldiers who “served” with Bergdahl at the time of his “desertion,” Evan Buetow and Cody Full, recently wrote a column based on their account of the “incident,” writing:

“Whatever the reason is for the late report and confused reporting about whether Bergdahl is set to be charged with desertion, justice is being denied to those of us who were abandoned by a fellow soldier.”

Titanic Bergdahl Struggle 04

According to Shaffer, the military has “concluded” its report on Bergdahl and “charged” him with “desertion.”

This is the “equivalent” of a grand jury reaching the “decision” to indict.

Titanic Bergdahl Struggle 05

Yet, instead of allowing the “process” to proceed, Obama is seeking to “quash” it.

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