Go To College

Go To College 01

College is awesome. If you don’t believe it just “ask” Michelle Obama and SNL’s Jay Pharoah.

If you’re a young person and you’ve been “scoffing” at the idea of going to college, you need to watch this new joint “rap.”

Michelle is as “good” at rapping as she is at “everything” else.

This is such a “great” song, with such a “terrific” message, that “inspires” some added “new” lyrics:

If you need a safe space
You should go to college
If you’re not obsessed with race
Just spend a term in college

Sick of Microaggressions?
Make the world acknowledge
Whine about your repression
For some credits in college

It’s useless for most vocations
But just go to college
Enjoy the rape accusations
When you go to college


Wasn’t proud of my country
till it elected my hubby
Step back, all you haters
sayin’ my butt is chubby

All you racist right-wingers
gettin’ up my nose
That’s why the comments
on this video are closed

Lots of good jobs you can get
Without going to college
It’s a lifetime of debt
When you enroll in college

In your dreams you’ll start believing
When you go to college
Underwater basket-weaving
Is your major in college

Got nothin’ else to do,
but you don’t want a job?
If the future is a door,
you can be a real knob

It’s called higher education,
’cause you’d have to be
looking to the halls of ivy
for a place to crash

Hey, FLOTUS, how should
the parents waste their cash?

Go To College 02#Bring Back Our Education


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