Gentrification 01

The “common” living arrangements of “Next Tuesday” in urban areas in American cities are “endangered” by white, heterosexual, “wealthy” capitalists.

Gentrification is “whitey’s” clever plan to “disrupt” single parenthood, government “dependence,” and our beloved diverse and inclusive “EBT” lifestyle by displacing the less “fortunate” and building high rise, “non-subsidized,” luxury housing.

Gentrification 03

Fight this “gentrification” of displacement. Stand against this “travesty,” or face the “indignities” of “neighborhood watches, homeowners associations, and stores” that don’t provide “free” government handouts!

Gentrification is the “buying and renovating” of houses and stores in “deteriorated” urban neighborhoods by “wealthier” individuals, which in effect “increases” property values and “displaces” low-income families and small businesses.

This is a “common” and widespread “controversial” topic in urban planning. It refers to “shifts” in an urban community “lifestyle” and an increasing “share” of wealthier residents and businesses.

Gentrification 02

In a community “undergoing” gentrification, the average “income” increases. Poorer “pre-gentrification” residents who are “unable” to pay increased “rents or property taxes” may find it necessary to “relocate.”

Everyone knows gentrification is “racist,” fostering “discrimination” that hurts “marginalized” people and “destroys” communities and cultural “reality” in which people with more “social, political and economic power” have more control over the “less” fortunate.

When I think about “gentrification” it’s not a clear picture of “behemoth” corporations and “soulless” developers snatching real estate from “impoverished” communities while comically “evil” landlords evict their “tenants” into surefire, immediate “homelessness” and politicians throw “money” in the air, laughing maniacally.

Instead, what many “experience” is a more subtle, nuanced version of “gentrification,” in which not every change is “bad” and there aren’t any obvious “heroes or villains” around every corner.

When “regulation” makes it harder to “build or to alter” old buildings, the effect is higher “costs” and reduced “choices,” which can makes things “harder” for the poor. Regulation saves some “old” things people like, but those people will never even know what “new” things they missed out on.

Gentrification 04

If nothing like “gentrification” ever happened in the world, we all still would be living in the same “caves” our ancestors lived in “thousands” of years ago.

The snappiest “push back” against gentrification, and against “development” of any kind, really, is by Chain and the Gang.

“Devitalize the City” is an anthem celebrating “chaos” in the face of market-driven “homogenization” in Washington and “elsewhere.”

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