Amazing Disgrace

Amazing Disgrace 02

The British band “Coldplay” will feature a sample of Obama singing “Amazing Grace” in a song on its forthcoming album, “A Head Full of Dreams” says Chris Martin the band’s singer and former husband of actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Note to Coldplay: “If you like your new album, you can keep your new album.”

Amazing Disgrace 04

I didn’t know Muslims “sang” amazing grace!

Wouldn’t the Islamic battle-cry “Allahu Akbar” been a more “appropriate” song for Mullah Obama to “chant?”

It’s kinda weird, a “gay” loving Muslim, raging “abortionist” and advocate for “same sex marriage” praising God!

Amazing Disgrace 03

Any Christian “hymn” Obama puts on his lips is “blasphemy.”

Amazing Disgrace 01

Obama’s amazing disgrace
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