Invasion 2020

Invasion 2020 01

What if there “really” is a specific plan to “transform America into an Islamic nation by 2020?”

The author of the new Christian suspense novel “Invasion 2020” answers that question and looks at what could be going on “behind the scenes” with a captivating story based on a “myriad of facts” woven in along with the fiction!


An “awakening”began on September 11th, 2001 and it was the first of “Al-Qaeda’s 7-phase” plan. That’s one of the intertwined “foundations” of the Christian suspense novel, “Invasion 2020.”

Combine Christian fiction, facts on “Islamic terrorism, political intrigue, suspense, and even romance,” and add compelling characters caught in a web of “media and government deception,” and you’ve got “Invasion 2020!”

In Colorado an intrepid “investigative” reporter and a “photojournalist” battle political correctness, a rigid “editor,” and a White House “media” representative who will “silence” anyone that doesn’t “comply” with his standards.

A “Muslim” doctor from Gaza “dreams” of America and leaves “Islam” for the God of the Bible.

In Washington, DC, a naive White House “intern” discovers dangerous and powerful men have “infiltrated” the media office and the administration for the purpose of “controlling” information.

Chatter from “ISIS and al-Qaeda” alert military intelligence of “pending” threats.

The Joint Terrorism Task Force “struggles” to prevent lone-wolf terrorists from “striking” out on their own with the goal of “wreaking” havoc on our “freedoms,” our “fears,” and our “way of life.”

Be enlightened and entertained as you “discover” a rarely discussed agenda with “secret documents” detailing plans for America and the “goals” they don’t want you or our government to know about.

The novel includes facts about the “true nature” of Islam and their agenda concealed by a “compliant” media and an “ignorant” administration.

Invasion 2020 02

With references to many “true” stories and articles about Islam, the reader can see how much has been “hidden” from their view.

The “suspenseful” story takes the reader on a journey with “terrorist attacks, political intrigue,” plus a web of “media and government deception.”

There are also “spiritual” transformations, “changed” lives, and even a “little” romance.

You’ll want to follow the “compelling” character’s ups and downs, their “conflicts and challenges” coupled with their “battle” to inform the public about the “dangers and reality” of Islam.

The author doesn’t just “weave” a good tale about good and evil, but “enlightens, entertains and educates.”

Get the eye-opening “eBook” version of “Invasion 2020” for just $4.99 now at any of these websites: Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo Books and watch for the “print” version to be released in 2016!

Invasion 2020 03

“Invasion 2020 is captivating! Dealing with real issues and crises, it gives an eye-opening look into a world foreign to most Americans. It’s dynamic ending is absolutely amazing, revealing the only real answer to this threat!” – William J. Federer, Bestselling author and nationally known speaker.


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