Culinary Revolution

Bread of Life 07

Feminist blogger Zoe Stavri announced on social media that she used the fluids from her own vaginal yeast infection to bake a “loaf of bread.”

The feminist, whose blog is called “Another Angry Woman,” noted that her bread “caused quite a lot of visceral horror” because she added something a “little bit” unconventional in the starter: “yeast thrush from my vagina.”

Stavri, who admits to having a “slightly perverse sense of humour” and a “keenly scientific mind” realized she was suffering from “thrush” but decided that rather than resolve the issue with “conventional” treatment, she would make the most of the additional “yeast she was producing.”

Bread of Life 03

Stavri claimed she used a “dildo” to pull the yeast from her vagina, adding her “fluids” to flour and water as a base “ingredient” for sour-dough, a loaf which often takes several days for the “starter” dough to ferment.

The blogger then chronicled the “fermentation” process on her blog. 36 hours into Stavri’s bake “project” she even came up with a “scientific” name for her culinary creation #cuntsourdough.

It wasn’t long before people on social media began to criticize the woman’s experiment as evidence of her “mental” illness.

Bread of Life 02

Stavri was called on her “bizarre” experiment, with many commenter’s saying that there is something “seriously wrong” with her, and some even said that she has ruined “Thanksgiving” for them.

Others tried to shut down Zoe’s “health” minded ingenuity with hate filled tweets such as: “You dirty bitch go lob yourself into the Atlantic please.”

As the criticism grew, the “charming” feminist began to ask supporters not to engage with “hateful” critics but instead to donate money to her “art” causes on her Patreon site.

“If you want to defend me or help me out, contribute to my Patreon, don’t pile on these people.”

Bread of Life 05

Feminist blogger Zoe Stavri.

Patreon is a site that allows individuals to “sponsor” artists they admire so they can “continue” to produce their work. Stavri says on her page that “donations will enable her to keep working.”

“I can’t guarantee I’ll give patrons anything special, but I’ll try to give you first access to any non-time-sensitive stuff I write, and perhaps if I can get my head together and stop worrying about money, you’ll be the first to see my forays into fiction writing. So, if you can bung me a fiver each month, I’d be eternally grateful, because you’d be giving me the means to live rather than just surviving.”

In short, it would put more “bread on the table…”

Bread of Life 01

Indeed, “Thanksgiving” recipes with a side serving of “menstrual blood pancakes” and “cooked testicles” washed down with “breast milk vanilla ice cream” will go a long way toward “feeling” filled!

My guess is “Thanksgiving” dinnertime won’t be the same this year.

“Cum and get it!”


Bread of Life 06


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