Exploiting Children

Deport Racism 09

“Wow, racist dick!” “Get the fuck out of my country!”

Those are just some of the choice “profanities” Latino kids hurled at Donald Trump in a “viral” ad produced by the “Deport Racism PAC.”

The videos got a lot of attention for its use of “foul-mouthed” kids to promote a “pro-illegal” immigrant message.

It’s “hardly” the first time that this “trick” has been pulled for a “left-wing” cause.

The “Deport Racism” videos were eerily “similar” to those that have been produced by the left-wing group “FCKH8.”

The group likes to pair “fully-coached, foul-mouthed” kids with left-wing talking points on a variety of subjects.

Deport Racism 00

FCKH8’s “trademark” is employing prepubescent “potty-mouthed” kids for the purpose of “shouting” progressive and “obscene” viewpoints.

The group’s most popular video featured “little” girls, dressed as “princesses,” ranting about “gender equality” with plenty of profanity and woefully inaccurate talking points.

FCKH8 also published a video of children promoting “flat-out lies” about the police shooting of “thug” Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

FCKH8 latest video has F-bomb dropping kids “mocking” Confederate flag supporters. Featuring a stereotypical “hillbilly” as the kids’ foil, the “spiteful” youngsters spend two minutes “sneering” at anyone who might like the flag.

The message of the video is clear: “If you support the Confederate flag, you have no understanding of history and you’re a racist hick.”

None of the kids “appear” to be from the South, of course, and they certainly have “zero” comprehension of what the Confederate flag “means” to the millions of Southerners who “respect” it.

These “smug” kids who haven’t even stepped into a “high school” can’t understand that someone from a “different” part of the country would see the flag as a way of “honoring” ancestors and expressing “pride” in where you come from.

That’s a result of being a “know-it-all, small-minded preteen” who’s coaxed by “manipulative” adults into doing “asinine” ads.

What’s ultimately “wrong” with these FCKH8’s videos is not the “lies, coarseness or boneheaded smugness.”

It’s the fact that the videos “exploit” children to promote “causes” these kids are not “capable” of understanding.

A six-year-old who’s never stepped “foot” below the Mason-Dixon line has no business being the “mouthpiece” for adult Confederate flag “haters.”

Deport Racism 02

“Deport Racism” appears to have no direct connection with “FCKH8,” but it’s pretty obvious where the “inspiration” for their videos came from.

Obviously, Deport Racism’s “ad” is just another example of why kids should not be used as “props” in politics.

None of these kids can probably “grasp” why anyone would have a problem with “illegal” immigration and can only see the issue as “black and white.”

The good guys love people and want “illegal’s” to stay. The bad guys are “evil” racists.

Deport Racism 06

Many Republicans and conservatives besides Donald Trump found these ad’s “offensive.”

Both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz condemned the ad as “vulgar” and as a possible instance of “child exploitation.”

The majority of the “fuss” from the Right has focused entirely on the “appropriateness” of telling kids to say the “f-word” for political gain.

However, the message of the ad is “worse” than any of the words “uttered” by the video’s young “YouTube” stars.

It’s safe to say that virtually “no one” would change their views of “The Donald” after watching the “clips,” so it fails at the one “basic goal” of political advertising.

Deport Racism 04

The maker of the ad has tried to “defend” his offensive clip for having a “good message” behind the “profanity.”

That message is that there should be no “tolerance” for anyone expressing concerns over “illegal” immigration.

Those “critics” deserve to be silenced by “hate speech laws” not applicable to “illegal” immigrants.

Additionally, Trump and other Americans have “no right” to speak out against “illegal” immigration. To do so is “racist.”

“Anchor babies” are more American than you are. America is a country where the most recent “illegal” arrivals get to claim higher “status” than those whose families have been here for “generations.”

The “key line” here is the one Hispanic kid telling Trump to “get the fuck out of my country.”

That statement comes after the youngsters “finish” explaining how the most important “aspect” of the Constitution is its currently interpreted “ability” to give citizenship to the children of “illegal” migrants.

Deport Racism 10

“My illegal country” implies a lot of things. It implies that what the kids represent is the “true” America. They are the “future,” Trump’s supporters are the “past.” The only way the “old” stock can stay in the “new” nation is if they fully “embrace” its altered identity.

The very name “Deport Racism” connotes the idea that any view the Left deems “bigoted” should not even be “allowed” in the country.

So much for “free speech” in their country but not in “mine.”

Though using swearing kids “backfired” for the ad makers, it is “indicative” of how the Left likes to handle “opposing” viewpoints. Just hurl “insults” at high volume and “hope” the other side “capitulates.”

While liberals might’ve not liked this instance of using “foul-mouthed” kids to get their point across, that still doesn’t “change” the fact that leftists agree with its message of “banning” anything considered hate speech.

Deport Racism 03

Fifty-one percent of Democrats support the enactment of hate speech laws in America. Fifty percent of Hispanics, the demographic “Deport Racism” implies is forging a new America, also “back” the proposal.

In the future, it’s likely that if any “candidate or public” figure made similar comments to Trump on the topic of “illegal” immigration, they could be jailed.

Instead of trying to “defeat” political opponents through well-reasoned “arguments” and the ballot box, the Left will utilize “state power” to crush any foe they can call a “hater.”

That’s if “hate speech” laws, strongly supported by “liberals” and recent “illegal” immigrants alike, get enacted.

Deport Racism 07

That’s if America becomes “their” country.

When did we start “thinking” it’s a good idea to let kids lecture adults about politics?

America’s “preteen” kids are starting to lift their coached “voices” on a variety of subjects they have no “business” discussing, and it’s a problem on the “left and the right.”

The left “loves” using kids as props to try to “embarrass” Republicans with “gotcha” questions.

Wisconsin Governor and former Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker is a particular “favorite” of these “obnoxious”  activists.

Last month, a 13-year-old daughter of “illegal” immigrants tearfully asked why Walker wanted to “deport” her parents.

During this year’s abnormally “chilly” March, a seven-year-old boy “demanded” to know whether the Wisconsin governor “even cares about climate change.”

Walker did his best to handle his “pint-sized” inquisitor, but liberals thought the ridiculous “encounter” made the politician “crash and burn” to their gleeful delight.

On the other hand, the “right” prefers its conservative “tykes” to be pretend pundits rather than “heart-tugging” activists.

The most “famous” example is Jonathan Krohn. At age 13, Krohn skyrocketed to “fame” with a self-published book on “conservative” principles and was a keynote “speaker” at the 2009 Conservative Political Action Conference.

Deport Racism 11

He followed up with another “book” in 2010 before deciding he was no “longer” a conservative in 2011 at the age of 15. That switch prompted “outrage” from his former conservative supporters.

But Krohn now has a “successor” to the right-wing teenage “pundit” throne.

Thirteen-year-old C.J. Pearson “shot” to fame this year thanks to one “lone” YouTube video. The video “showcased” the then-12-year-old “slamming” the policies of Barack Obama.

Conservatives soon fell “head over heels” for Pearson. The newly “christened” pundit has gained such “prominence” that his endorsement of Ted Cruz for president, a “reversal” of his earlier support for Rand Paul, received coverage from some right-leaning outlets.

Pearson’s political “ramblings,” the opinions of a 13-year-old even prompted a backlash from libertarians.

The right’s “fondness” for 13-year-old political pundits is ultimately “harmless,” but it makes the whole “conservative” movement look “dumb” when they make a kid who just started “puberty” one of their intellectual “heavyweights.”

It makes it even more “embarrassing” when these kids completely “change” their opinions, and then “grown” up adults get “upset” at teenagers acting like teenagers.

The left uses little kids as “props,” which is atrocious, but at least the left is “smart” enough not to let minors become “publicists” for their cause.

The current “election” cycle has brought much hand-wringing about the sudden onset of idiocracy, but the rhetoric of certain candidates looks positively “high-brow” in comparison with these kid activists.

For what could be “dumber” than asking a bunch of “unlettered” kids with little knowledge of issues to “spout off” about issues?

Politics is “supposed” to be for adults due to the “experience and cognitive development” it requires to fully grasp.

But maybe we do live in an “Idiocracy” when we have to make statements on how it’s “idiotic” to use children to give voice to “political” points.


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