Prison Food

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What’s the “secret” to Michigan “prison food?”

For the second time in almost a year, a Michigan correctional facility is facing claims its “inmates” were served food “infested with insects,” according to a Detroit Free Press report.

The Department of Corrections is “investigating” whether potatoes at the “G. Robert Cotton Correctional Center” in Jackson contained “maggots” and were served to inmates in a scene that sounds like it was lifted from “The Lost Boys.”

Initial reports claimed that potatoes from “Aramark Correctional Services,” the food service the prison contracts, were, in fact, “served” to prisoners, the report stated.

The Department of Corrections, however, “disputed” those claims, saying the maggots were found in “uncooked” potatoes that were being “prepared” and hadn’t been served to “anyone,” the report added.

The potatoes “au maggots” then were thrown out, and the “kitchen and utensils” were thoroughly “cleaned and sanitized,” the report stated.

A DOC spokesman said inmates were served a “maggot-free” meal an hour later, and the department received no reports of prisoners receiving potatoes with a “fly larva garnish,” the report added.

The DOC and Aramark is “investigating” the incident, looking into the “staff,” the Michigan-based potato “supplier” and those in charge with “prison pest control,” the report stated.

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Aramark, which has had a three-year, “$145 million contract” with the DOC since 2013, has had a “history” of problems concerning Michigan “prisons,” the report stated.

In March 2014 the Philadelphia-based company was fined $98,000 for “food” shortages, unauthorized “menu” substitutions and over “familiarity” between staff and inmates.

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If you marinade grubs in urine first they taste much better.

In June 2014, “maggots” were found in food trays at the “Parnall Correctional Facility” in Jackson, but officials said this wasn’t “responsible” for 30 inmates coming down with “food poisoning.”

In August 2014 a $200,000 fine was “levied” against Aramark because the previously fined “offenses” hadn’t been resolved.

Maggots 01

It’s good to “know” that inmates get some “healthy” protein!

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