Jungle Muscle Law

Jungle Law 04

Black “radical” students at the University of Missouri have taken over the “jungle” campus in a bid for “total” power.

They are now employing “muscle” to keep everyone “away” from them, including the “press.”

On a day of “chaos” at the University of Missouri, where both the school’s president and chancellor resigned after weeks of campus disruptions by students was also a day of “media” censorship.

Jungle Law 10

ESPN Journalist Tim Tai.

Following in the “hostile” tradition of #Black Lies Matter, a student journalist named Tim Tai, who was working for ESPN, was “accosted and intimidated” by the crowd, who attempted to “block” him from doing his work.

When he “pointed” out he had the “right” to be there, the black jungle“mob” continued to surround “him” and other journalists trying to “report” on the University of Missouri story.

At the end of the video, a woman “approaches” student photojournalist Mark Schierbecker in a “public” space.

Jungle Law 08

The video shows her apparently trying to “grab” his camera and then calling for “muscle” to remove him.

However, as a Twitter user “pointed” out, the woman calling for “muscle” is none other than University of Missouri “Communications Assistant” Professor Melissa Click.

Jungle Law 05Her faculty page describes Ms. Click thusly:

Dr. Melissa A. Click earned her Ph.D. from the Department of Communication at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Her research interests center on popular culture texts and audiences, particularly texts and audiences disdained in mainstream culture. Her work in this area is guided by audience studies, theories of gender and sexuality, and media literacy. Current research projects involve 50 Shades of Grey readers, the impact of social media in fans’ relationship with Lady Gaga, masculinity and male fans, messages about class and food in reality television programming, and messages about work in children’s television programs. Melissa is Vice-Chair of ICA’s Popular Communication Division and is Chair of the committee hosting the Console-ing Passions conference at the University of Missouri in April 2014. Melissa’s excellence in the classroom has been recognized by the MU Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Women (Tribute to Women, 2004), the Intercollegiate Communication Association/iCom (Outstanding Professor, 2007), MU’s College of Arts & Sciences (Purple Chalk Award, 2007), Lamda Pi Eta (Honorary membership, 2008). In 2010, she received the Provost’s Outstanding Junior Faculty Teaching Award. MU’s Association of Communication Graduate Students have recognized her as an “Outstanding Mentor” (2011) and as “Graduate Advisor of the Year” (2013).

No word “yet” on whether Ms. Click will face “sanctions” or face criminal “prosecution” for her actions, or whether she will be “teaching” next semester a course in “Sick Irony 101” if she doesn’t “resign” before that.

Time to “suspend” all scholarships for the black “Mizzou” squad and their “coach” taking part in this “Jungle Muscle Law.“

Jungle Law 13

They committed to “playing” the American capitalistic “game” of football at the “taxpayers’” expense.

Jungle Law 12

This agreement has been “broken” and all expenses for “rooms, books, food, classes” and of course “free sex and BMW’s” perks should immediately be “terminated.”

Jungle Law 11

If someone feels “offended” on campus you are advised to call 911:

MU POLICE: “911 Emergency Center University Police Department. What’s your emergency?”
STUDENT: “Uhh…….I’m here in my room and,…uhh….somebody made me,…like,…uncomfortable…..”
MU POLICE: “Can you provide a detailed description of who made you uncomfortable?”
STUDENT: “Like,…ahhhhhh…..I can’t remember, dude! Like,…I’m totally stressed out!”
MU POLICE: “Did you get a license number or vehicle description?”
STUDENT: “OH, WOW….DUDE! Now you’re stressing me, man….”
MU POLICE: “Turn off all lights, then lock yourself in your safe-space till the trauma and grief counseling teams arrive.
STUDENT: “No way, man….my safe-space is totally out of fudge brownies and milk, dude.” CLICK….

Jungle Law 16

“No way, man….my safe-space is totally out of fudge brownies and milk, dude.”

As the concept of “civilization” fades from living memory, “Jungle Muscle Law” will guide us into “Next Tuesday” and engulf every “aspect” of our lives.

Jungle Law 17

To “black” collectivists all the world is one great big uncultivated “campus” and the only means to “survival” is to be the largest, meanest “animals” in the jungle.

The whole purpose of “rioting” students can be thought of as creating a “zoo” where they keep all animals in “safe” space cages with plaques “identifying genus and species of “multicultural” types.

Jungle Law 09

“Jungle Muscle Law” is spreading like “wildfires” around educational institutions creating “chaos and suffering.”

The whole “campus” world is going “crazy” as the idea of peaceful “civilization” is lost.

Jungle Law 06

The students of our universities, with no “concept” of civilization due to their indoctrination into “collectivism,” are trying to “free” themselves from “white privilege” oppression.

All they understand is “Jungle Muscle Law” fighting “white patriarchy” over power and possession in the struggle for “King” of the Jungle which is driving the “radical” animals insane.

Jungle Law 01

The old adage “History doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme” is showing itself to be true once again.

Think “back” in history.

Two major things that “affected” all of society and culture: “The Enlightenment and the Dark Ages.”

Jungle Law 14

During the “Age of Enlightenment” there came groundbreaking “science, fantastic art and music,” not to mention the wonderful ideas of “government and society” that the Founding Fathers used to “write” the US Constitution. Great times of “intellectual and religious” freedom were the Enlightenment.

Jungle Law 15

During the “Dark Ages,” we had a dirty, filthy time famous for “plagues and inquisitions.” It was a time when the Catholic Church and “Serf/Fiefdom” based monarchies “ruled” the lands. The average man was “poor” and had little to no “money,” and lived off his “plantation” harvests. The “rich” had to answer to the Church, and if you “disagreed” you were “shamed, terribly wounded, or killed.”

We have been in a general era of “enlightenment” for the past 400 years. The average “mankind” has more access to “education and information” than the richest person of years before. Books are widely available at “low-cost,” not confined to those who can “pay” handsomely for a “scribe” to copy a book for them.

But, as the pendulum swings “one” way, it must return and swing the “opposite” way.

Jungle Law 07

We are now in a time where the “pendulum” has just reached its’ peak on the “Enlightenment” side and is swinging back towards the “Dark Age” side.

Soon, instead of the Catholic Church and “Fiefdoms” being in the drivers’ seat, it will be progressive liberal “jungle” fighters imposing authoritarian “dictatorship” on the masses.

Let’s hope the current “jungle” civilization will learn how to be “self-sufficient” like everybody had to do for “millennia” until the industrial revolution.

The world today is an “experiment” and students are the “scientists.” But, the sad thing is, the scientists have “zero” idea of what the “fuck” they’re doing.

As Bill Hicks said “…It’s just a ride … A choice between fear and love…”

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