Muslim Pedophiles

Muslim Pedophiles 02

“Bacha Bazi Boys,” native to Afghanistan, these “dancing boys” are actually “sex slaves,” lured off the streets by “pimps,” taught to “dance and sing,” to wear “make-up” and dress like “girls.”

Muslim Pedophiles 06

Then they are made to perform “entertainment” before large groups of “grown” men. All of them are “sexually” abused. But in Islam, “sex with boys” under 18 is not considered “homosexuality,” so it is allowed.

Muslim Pedophiles 08

“Dancing boys” are a lucrative business. Powerful former “warlords and businessmen” love to watch them and will “pay a lot of money” to have their own boy for “Bacha Bazi.”

Muslim Pedophiles 12

Some of the boys are traded like “swap” cards amongst the “rich and powerful” and if they “disobey” their owners they are “killed or brutalized.”

Muslim Pedophiles 11The “trade” in boys is well “known” to the United Nations. According to Nazir Alimy, who “compiled” an extensive “report” on the issue for the UN, says there is no doubt who is “funding” this practice and why the police “refuse” to stop it.“

Muslim Pedophiles 04

“According to her research these dancing boys are used by powerful men for sex,” Alimy is quoted.

Pedophiles and “pimps” search for young boys so they can “sell or groom” them to be trained as “dancing boys.”

In one case a journalist got in the car with a “pedophile” named Dastager.

Muslim Pedophiles 07

As they drive, Dastager explains the “type of boy” he is looking for. Then in broad daylight the “dancing boy master” stops the car, goes to a shop front and brings a boy “back” to his the waiting car.

Muslim Pedophiles 09

According to the United Nations report there is “evidence” that the practice of “Bacha Bazi” and the “sexual abuse” of boys is common throughout the north of the country.

Muslim Pedophiles 03

It “confirms” that young boys, some of them “only” 10 years old, are “lured” into life as a “sex slave.”

There is also evidence that this type of “abuse” is spreading throughout Afghanistan.”It’s true they make the boys wear girls’ clothes and make them dance in front of many men,” he said.

Muslim Pedophiles 01

The powerful customers are often former “warlords” who helped drive the Taliban out of the north. Others who “involve” themselves in the trade of boys are “wealthy” businessmen.

Muslim Pedophiles 10

Under the Taliban, “Bacha Bazi” was outlawed. Today it is still a “crime” but clearly there is no “concerted” effort being made to “stop” the practice and the criminal “activity” that surrounds it.

Here you can see a full video “documentary” about the dancing “Bacha Bazi” boys of Afghanistan.

Muslim Pedophiles 05

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