Gender Confusion

Transgender 02

The Department of Education’s office of “civil” rights says that a mentally ill disguised boy has been “discriminated” against because he is not allowed to shower naked with girls.

Federal education authorities, “staking” out their firmest position yet on an increasingly “contentious” issue, found that an Illinois school district “violated” anti-discrimination laws when it did not allow a “transgender” student who identifies as a “girl” and participates on a girls’ sports team to “change and shower” in the girls’ locker room without “restrictions.”

The Education Department gave 30 days to the officials of Township High School District 211 to reach a solution or “face” enforcement, which could include administrative “law” proceedings or a Justice Department “court” action. The district could lose “some or all” of its Title IX funding.

Transgender 01

Catherine Lhamon, the Education Department’s assistant secretary for civil rights, said the school district in Palatine, Ill., was not following the law.

In a letter, the Office for Civil Rights of the Department of Education told the “Palatine” district that requiring a “transgender” student to use “private” changing and showering facilities was a “violation” of that student’s “rights” under Title IX, a federal law that “bans” sex discrimination.

The student, who identifies as “female” but was born “male,” should be given unfettered “access” to girls’ facilities, the letter said.

Superintendent Daniel Cates remains “adamant” that the district is not in violation of the law and “warned” that the Obama administration’s position “is a serious overreach with precedent-setting implications.”

“The students in our schools are teenagers, not adults, and one’s gender is not the same as one’s anatomy,” Cates said in a statement.

“Boys and girls are in separate locker rooms, where there are open changing areas and open shower facilities, for a reason.”

Gender Ideology 01

He went on to “emphasize” that the district’s “position” should not be seen as “discriminatory,” saying, “We celebrate and honor differences among all students and we condemn any vitriolic messages that disparage transgender identity or transgender students in any way.”

Alas, the “twig-and-berries” boy should be given “unfettered” access to “naked” girls. What so “confusing” about that?

The district said he/she was allowed to change “inside” the girls’ locker room, but only “behind” a curtain. But he/she and the federal government have insisted that he/she be allowed to make that decision “voluntarily,” and not because of “requirements” by the district.

That’s right! The boy should “decide” whether he gets to see the other girls “naked” and show them his “penis.”

Transgender 03

“What our client wants is not hard to understand. He/She wants to be accepted for who he/she is and to be treated with dignity and respect, like any other student,” said John Knight, director of the L.G.B.T. and H.I.V. Project of the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois.

The boy just wants a little “dignity and respect,” just like any other boy who wants to see “girls naked in close quarters!”

This sick “perversion” is being coercively “pushed” by the highest “levels” of the Obama administration.

This is not about the “dignity” of this arrogant, “perverted” boy, who was given his own “changing” room.

He “demands” to see naked “girls” and for naked girls to see his “male” body, but doesn’t “care” about anyone’s “dignity” or “respect,” except  his own.

In a nutshell, here is the government’s new “gender equality” policy with regard to sex and sexuality among youngsters:

1. If you’re a boy who shows a picture of your penis to a girl in your class, you have likely violated both federal child pornography laws as well as local sexual harassment laws. If this happens consistently in your school, the school has violated Title IX.

2. If you’re a boy who says he’s a girl, the girl must be placed in position to see your penis and testicles. If the school does not allow this, the school has violated Title IX.

3. If you’re an adult who sexually touches a child with the consent of the child, you have committed a crime, since children are incapable of consent.

4. If you’re an adult who gives a child hormone therapy or surgery to prevent normal development of the genitals, with the consent of the child, you are a hero.

5. If this all makes sense to you, you should be working for the federal Office for Civil Rights at the Department of Education.

Transgender 05

If you “click” through to the comment section of the Times article, you will see that even “most” liberals are “horrified” by this.

Most people “hate” this kind of extreme “leftism,” with girls staging walkouts rather than letting “disguised” boys watch them “undress.”

This actually is an “enormous” opening for Republicans. Who is waging the “war on women” now? It is “radical” Democrats “pushing” for girls to be “exposed” to naked men.

Now where Hillary Clinton has become a born-again transvestite supporter would it really be hard for a Republican in a “debate” to turn to her and say, “Mrs. Clinton, do you really want your daughter to be forced to expose herself to men in locker rooms?”

Transgender 04

I can’t imagine the Clinton’s taking “communal” showers at home.

It’s “indefensible.” It sounds like a “small” issue compared to “illegal” immigration and the “debt” fiasco, but I think a candidate who “focuses” on this could “destroy” Clinton’s credibility.

Unfortunately, while this “topic” has been much in the “news,” most of the Republican candidates have been “quiet” about it. I wonder why.

Transgender 06

I get the feeling a “lot” of guys in High Schools around the country are going to “suddenly” think they are “girls.”

This is every “teenage” boy’s dream “come” true.

Can’t “wait” until the federal government’s new “gender equality” policy let naked “women” shower in “men’s” locker rooms.

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