Deport Racism

Deport Racism 05

Great “Deport Racism” advertisement to help Donald Trump “secure” the Republican nomination for presidential candidate.

“Hola, Donald Trump. Screaming, “get out of my country,” Republicans use “truthful” words, so here are a few “obscene” words we learned from our “illegal” parents. Fuck you, racist fuck. We’re “illegal” Latino anchor babies born in the USA, and we’ve got something to say. I’m Rosa. I’m Ricardo. My friends call me Rick, but you keep calling me anchor baby? Wow. racist dick. When you say Mexican immigrants are rapists, murderers, and drug dealers, you know it’s a racist code for words like spics, wetbacks, chinos, tacos and beaners. And you have attacked people for speaking Mexican in this nation. It’s Spanish, idiota. Maybe a little less hairspray and more education? Millions of “illegal” working Latinos would be deported if you get your loco way, pendejo. If you’re in the White House, for America, there would be nothing but bad hair days. Yo, Trump. You may be high in the polls, thanks to pinches racist suckers, but your whole thing has to come from me if you try to deport my abuelita, motherfuckers! You see, the Constitution makes me a “illegal” citizen, and you hate that because I’m brown! And you say you’re a patriot? But you want to tear the Bill of Rights? How? I’m an “illegal” wetback, born in the USA. This is my home. You can’t take my rights away. If you don’t like our Constitution and what it stands for, get the fuck out of my country. There’s the door!”

Deport Racism 08

“I think it’s just terrible,” the Republican presidential candidate said on his Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria Bartiromo.”

Young kids using the “f’ word” so many times “is a disgrace and it totally backfired and people are actually going wild about it and they’re saying we’re going to support Trump.”

“Anybody that would do an ad like that is stupid, to be honest,” Trump went on, “I mean, they’re stupid people that would do an ad like that.”

Deport Racism 06

Florida Senator Marco Rubio had “harsher” words for it. He said that the parents who had their children participate in the ad were “outrageous” he said on “Fox and Friends.”

“First of all, it’s counterproductive. Who do these groups think they’re impressing by doing this?” Rubio asked.

“They’re not bringing anybody to their side. They’re turning people off. People are looking at it and say, these people are grotesque. I mean these are little children. What kind of parent allows their children to go on a video like that and use that kind of profanity and what kind of parents allow a kid to do that?”

Deport Racism 04

Made in the USA with “illegal” Mexican parts.

Feminist Kelly Osbourne asked on The View: “Who would clean Trump’s toilets if Latinos left?”

Deport Racism 08

“If it is ‘illegal’ brown, flushed it down.”


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