Hank The Tank

Hank The Tank 05

Meet “Hank the Tank,” the obese pooch who leads a “better” life than you.

American Airlines “rolled” the portly dog aboard a flight on his “luxurious” pillow-topped cart where he sat “front” row in first class “next” to his owner, Kari Whitman.

“Hank the Tank,” who is Whitman’s “support” dog, stacked on the pounds due to an “illness” and needs to be carted around.

Madeleine, a fellow passenger on the flight out of LAX tweeted a photo of the “corpulent” canine exclaiming “Holy shit I just saw the literal fattest dog” whose tweet went immediately viral.

Hank The Tank 02

In an interview with Mashable, Madeleine said it appeared that Whitman had “bought” two first class tickets for the LA flight, “one for her and one for Hank.”

While “boarding” the plane and on the plane before “takeoff,” everyone was speculating as to “how the dog got so fat,” she said.

You could legitimately hear hushed whispers of “He’s riding first class” adding that Hank stayed “quiet” for the entire flight and spent most of his time on the “floor” in front of his seat.

An Instagram account referring to the frequent-flying mutt as “Hank the Tank” offers several photos of Hank in the air and on the go with Whitman, an interior designer who founded Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue in Beverly Hills.

Hank The Tank 03

Like a king, “Hank the Tank” enjoyed being “pampered” by several American Airlines employees who gathered around “admiring” the dog and taking photos.

Look at their faces. They’re so “excited” to see Hank. They’re gonna be “cat” fighting over who gets to take “care” of Hank changing his “water bowl, fluff his pillow and rub his belly.”

Hank The Tank 06

It appears that this isn’t Hank’s “first” flight as there is an Instagram showing him “traveling” with his owner.

At the Denver International Airport, he is seen “lying” next to his padded cart, and in another photo Whitman took a “selfie” with the pooch while in the air, captioned, “Hank flying first class from Denver to LA.”

Hank The Tank 04

Sweet ol Hank “living” large. Boss of “all” bosses. Member of the “Mile High Club.” Wheeled around like a “king.” First class isn’t good enough for “Hank the Tank.” Let him fly the plane.

“Mack Daddy” Hank. It’s anything “but” the cargo hold for this portly “pampered” pooch.

Bonus: “Tillman” the skateboarding dog, a 10-year old bulldog who loved “skateboarding and surfing” has passed away and gone to “Doggie”heaven…


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