Bieber vs. Pug

Doug the Pug 03

Justin Bieber lives a more “pampered” life than most celebrities, but all of his “fame” and Facebook likes are “minuscule” in comparison to the “famous” Internet dog Doug the Pug.

Here is a sneak “peek” into the “similarities” of the 21-year-old pop star, “dressed” up like Doug, complete with Calvin Klein “underwear.”

Doug the Pug 012

Doug the Pug 10

Doug the Pug 01

Doug the Pug 04

Doug the Pug 05

Doug the Pug 06

Doug the Pug 07

Doug the Pug 08

Doug the Pug 09

Doug the Pug 11

To check out more of Doug’s “antics,” check him out on Instagram and Facebook.

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Doug the Pug channels his inner Taylor Swift
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