Teenagers Rejoice

Teenagers Rejoice 02

“SciBabe” Yvette d’Entremont has “revealed” in a video that it is possible to get “smashed” on over-the-counter CVS brand “Homeopathic Constipation” medicine that was labeled “safe and non-habit forming.”

Containing 20% ethanol, it is “enough” to be considered “hard” liquor for getting “drunk.” According to the CVS’ Web site, a 1-ounce bottle is $7.99.

Teenagers Rejoice 01

Teenagers have it so “easy” these days. Back in my “pre-legal” drinking days getting “booze” was nearly impossible. Buying illegal “drugs” was a billion times easier to get than “liquor.”

You either had to know somebody with a “fake” ID or know somebody who had an older “sibling” who was over 21.

The “latter” worked the best but most of the time the “brother or sister” was already out and about doing their “own” drinking.

Most weekend “nights” in High School were spent “working” the phones and driving around town “hoping” to score “alcohol or sex.”

And if by some “miracle” you got some, it wasn’t until “after” midnight. So you’d “jugged” down 10 shots of Whiskey in 30 minutes and “puke” your guts out.

Ahh yes that was the “Good Ol’ Days.”

Now? All kids have to do is buy “legal” over-the-counter “constipation medicine” to get drunk. Lucky Teenagers.

I’m kinda into that “SciBabe” in the video. I’m down with just about any chick who says, “Hey you wanna get weird on some over-the-counter homeopathic constipation medicine?”

Teenagers Rejoice 03

Sure! Why not! You know you’re in for a “wild” night.

On the other hand some “mouthwash” has an alcohol content as “high” as 26%. Drink 6 ounces of that and do a “breathalyzer” and see if it “affects” you.

And you don’t have to “bother” going all the way to CVS. You can pick up “mouthwash” at almost any “convenience” store on the nearest corner.

Vanilla “extract” also has a very high “alcohol” content by volume. As do most brands of generic “cough” syrup.

As someone who was “young” not too terribly long ago, I’m going to guess that exactly “zero” percent of teens would “drink” 6 bottles of something that “costs” $8 an ounce to get a “buzz” when they can “procure” it from pretty much any of their parents’ “liquor cabinets or refrigerators” for free.


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