Allah Knows Best

Allah Knows Best 011

A prominent German ISIS propagandist was “killed” by a U.S. strike while he was traveling in a “vehicle” in Syria earlier this month, a U.S. official told CNN.

The ISIS “recruit” Denis Cuspert, also known as Abu Talha al-Almani, had once gone by the name “Deso Dogg” in the Berlin rap scene.

He traveled to fight “Jihad” in Syria after converting to Islam and becoming “involved” with Millatu Ibrahim, a pro-Jihad group in Germany “founded” by Mohamed Mahmoud, an Austrian jihadi who has also taken on a prominent “propaganda” role for ISIS in Syria.

Allah Knows Best 012

ISIS Propagandist Denis Cuspert, aka Abu Talha al-Almani.

A message “posted” on the Facebook page of a Raqqa resident on October 17 claimed Cuspert was killed in a “pickup truck” the day before by “missiles” fired by two coalition “planes” near a gas station in Hunaida on the road between Raqqa and al-Tabqa, according to Florian Flade, a German “terrorism expert” who has tracked Cuspert.

Cuspert would have “turned” 40 two days later.

Cuspert was named as a specially designated “global terrorist” by the State Department in February. The designation “alleged” he joined ISIS in 2012 and had appeared in numerous videos on its behalf, including one in which he appeared “holding” a severed head.

Allah Knows Best 014

“He appeared to serve as an ISIL recruiter with special emphasis on recruiting German speakers to ISIL,” the designation said.

First I took this news with a “grain of salt” because Germany’s most “notorious” ISIS terrorist has been “reported” killed so many times before, only to “pop” back up.

But now the “only” thing that will be “popping” up are daisies!

Allah Knows Best 013

You dropped a “Bomb” on me…let’s dance.

ISIS Suicide Bomber just “half” the man he once was…

Allah knows what is the “best” for you and when it’s “best” for you to “have” it.


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