Daylight Savings Time

Reminder: Daylight Savings Time November 1

Daylight Savings Time 01

Courtesy of Clock Bomb Boy Ahmed Mohamed

Daylight Savings Time 02
Ahmed Mohamed, the Texas youth who brought a clock-like “device” that looked like a “bomb” to school, met with Sudan’s “genocidal” dictator.

Daylight Savings Time 04

That visit is an “embarrassment” to President Barack Obama, who personally “invited” the boy to an science fair on the White “Rainbow” Mosque grounds.

Daylight Savings Time 03

Ahmed was “invited” to the White House after progressives and the liberal media “accepted and broadcast” his claim that the “arrest” was prompted by unreasonable “anti-Muslim and anti-African views.”

Ahmed, his sisters and his Sudan-born father flew out of Saudi Arabia into Sudan, a “theocratic” Muslim state that split into two states after “waging” a long war against “Christian and tribal minorities” in the south of the country.

The boy’s “hug” with the “genocidal” Muslim theocrat prompted much “criticism” among his progressive supporters.

Daylight Savings Time 05

I am coming home, tell the world I am coming home.

It’s so “genocidal” that the International Criminal Court has posted a warrant for Bashir’s arrest. So theocratic that Bashir was Osama bin Laden’s “host” for several years.

In a tweet, the Texas-born boy described Sudan as his “home.”

Once in Sudan, he met the country’s president, Omer Hassan al-Bashir, who is still waging genocidal war against minorities:

Daylight Savings Time 06

Mohamed al-Hassan (Father), Ahmed Mohamed (Son), Sudanese President Omer Hassan al-Bashir.

“Today al-Hassan, the father, and his son spoke graciously of Bashir who according to Sudan official news agency (SUNA) honored him in tribute to his intelligence and talent and in line with government policy of caring for gifted youngsters.”

“Mohamed told reporters afterwards that he is ‘extremely delighted’ for meeting Bashir and visiting Sudan. He expressed hope that he would have the opportunity to meet again with the Sudanese president ‘with a new invention and success,’” according to a Paris-based, English-language Sudanese newspaper.

Daylight Savings Time 07

Here is President Obama’s “new” executive order: “Daylight Savings Time” shall be henceforth referred to as “Daylight Redistribution Time.”



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