Chill Out Moments

Best of Chill Out“Murdering the Cha Cha”

There’s no beating this performance…

“Long boarding down an open Road at 70 mph”

Seems just a tad Batshit…

“Difference between a Guy’s and a Girl’s Ass”

There are no winners only idiots…

“Lingerie Football Highlights”

Coach Sean Michaelson going ape during games…

“Iowa Alpha Phi Day”

Couldn’t understand 85% of what they were yelling…

“Historic Wedding Speech”

Weddings are inherently boring…unless you are drunk.

“Dude gets pissed about his Mercedes breaking down”

So he beats the shit out of it with a golf club…

“American Ninja Warrior”

American Ninja Warrior crowned its first-ever champion, Isaac Caldiero.

“Leaving the Company”

Vintage Steve Ballmer…

“Out driving California Wildfire”

I’ll be fine. I’m not going anywhere. This is my land!

“Kate Upton’s Hot Shower”

Gravity never buckles…

“Goosing A Topless Smoke”

Even a Baby Elephant knows what’s good for him…

“The Mountain from Game Of Thrones”

Gets dominated by a Dude half his size…

“Jail Rendezvous”

This guy is tapping the human rights lady like a king…

“Problem With Gay Advertisements”

Just follow the lead of this old dude.

“NFL Needs To Have Spanish Announcers”

I’ve had enough of our boring NFL announcers.


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