Bill Clinton Ad

Bill Clinton Ad 03

Bill Clinton wants to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.

That right “there” is where Donald Trump has a distinct “advantage” over everyone else that’s “running” for president.

He’s willing to “play” in the mud.

Bill Clinton Ad 02

He knows he can “do and say” whatever he wants so he’s willing to think “outside the box” for his attacks.

Think about that Bill Clinton ad “The Donald” made.

That’s the “husband” of one of the people he’s running against and he’s saying that Clinton is “endorsing” him instead of his wife?

Crazy “talk?” No way it’s “true?” It doesn’t matter if it’s “true or not.”

Bill Clinton Ad 01

All Trump is doing is planting a little “itty bitty” tiny seed of “doubt” in Hillary’s mind that Bill likes Donald “more” than her.

A seed so “small” that you can’t even see it “but” it will grow.

It will grow and grow and grow and “animosity” between Bill and Hillary will get “worse and worse” until one day Hillary finally snaps and yells, “Yeah, well you got your dick sucked on the side and I hate you.” Marriage over. Campaign over.

Bill Clinton Ad 04

A Women is only a Women, but a Cigar is as good as a Dildo.

Start planning the President Trump “inauguration.” It’s diabolical from “The Donald”. No need for him to bring “down” Hillary and her campaign when he can put the “wheels in motion” for her presidential aspiration to “implode” on itself.

Well, this is pretty clever. Trump “stirring” the pot by making an ad “suggesting” that Bill Clinton is “endorsing” him and says good things about “The Donald” is genius.

I’m sure Hillary is going to “love” this!

What would be even “funnier” is if the Clintons create their own “rebuttal” video, as if it needs rebutting!

The Washington Post reports that Donald Trump, the leader in every recent poll of GOP presidential candidates, and Bill Clinton, the 42nd president and husband to the leader of every poll of Democratic White House contenders, had a “casual chat” about politics in late May.

The Post cites “four Trump allies and one Clinton associate” who said that, in the call, Clinton “encouraged” the billionaire real estate developer to take on a more “active role” within the GOP.

Suffice it to say, Trump took Clinton’s “advice” and would go on to announce his presidential bid on June 16, and has been stirring “controversy” ever since while “surging” up the polls.

Allies of Trump told “The Post” that Clinton told Trump he was “resonating with disaffected conservatives.”


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