Deflowering Virgins

Deflowering Virgins 01

Now we know “how” Muslims get to have 72 virgins to “deflower” in Allah’s Whorehouse.

Saudi Sheik Yahya Al-Jana’ talks about the joys of Allah’s Whorehouse, saying that Muslim men will have the strength of a hundred men and will be very busy “tearing hymens,” of the virgins of Paradise, whose breasts are “like pomegranates.”

Best of all, after they “rupture” the hymens, Allah will immediately “repair” them, so they can become “virgins” again, which means Muslims will never run “short” of virgins.

The 70 virgins in heaven explained by two “horny” old Muslim geezers…

Do terrorists really “believe” that they will receive 72 virgins in heaven if they “blow” themselves up among “innocent” women and children? Watch those interviews from Pierre Rehov’s ” Suicide Killers”

Muslim Woman tells the “truth” about Islam…

Like a Virgin? So Did One Arab Millionaire
Paradise or Allah’s Whore-House

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