Gay Army

Gay Army 07

Can a transgender Navy chief be far behind?

“Gay Eric Fanning, formerly one of Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s “closest” advisers, has been “nominated” to be the next Army secretary, the White “Rainbow” House announced.

Gay Army 01

Army Times Fanning has been serving as the acting under secretary of the Army since June. Before that, he served as Carter’s chief of staff.

If “confirmed” by the Senate, Fanning will “succeed” Army Secretary John McHugh, who has said he will “leave” the post by November 1st after “six” years on the job.

Gay Army 09

In addition to his long “resume,” Fanning would also mark a “milestone” if he does become the Army secretary, as the first openly “gay” secretary of a military branch.

Gay Army 08

Fanning’s nomination comes during a critical “transition” period for the Army, which has not only seen massive key “leadership” changes at the top since Obama has “fired” all the best officers who “dared” to stand up to him, but also continues to “struggle” with increasingly tight “budgets” and growing “demands” for troops all around the world.

Gay Army 11

With the “looming” threat of even “deeper” cuts beginning October 1st as a “backdrop,” the Army has already “cut” 80,000 soldiers from its “active-duty” force.

Gay Army 10

Gay Army Recruiting Poster.

Another 40,000 must “go” by the end of fiscal year 2018 for an eventual “end-strength” of 450,000.

Gay Army 00

New Army Uniforms.

In “fiscal” 2016, which starts October 1st, the Army could be “forced” to cut an additional 30,000 soldiers.

Gay Army 12

To support and avoid confusion with “Bravo,” the network known for documenting progressive LGBTFQAPBCU© “issues and lifestyles,” and to show inclusion and “acceptance” of women in Ranger School, all Infantry formerly classified as “11-Bravo” will henceforth be classified as “11-Braless.”

Gay Army 13

Gay Army 02
How about “sending” a battalion of openly “gay” soldiers to the Middle East?

Gay Army 03

Gay Army 04

Gay Army 05

Gay Army 06

Obama ‘More Interested’ to Appease Homosexuals than Military Heroes


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