Refugee Air


Refugee Air 01

Fed up “watching” thousands of Muslim freeloaders “drowning” in the Mediterranean Sea or during the arduous trip “overland” while trying to “invade” Europe, two Swedish “entrepreneurs” have launched Refugee Air, to give Muslim “parasite” wannabes and potential “jihadists” free direct flights to Europe.

Instead of Muslim “illegal’s” risking the “dangerous” boat trip across the Mediterranean Sea initiators Emad Zand and Susanne Najafi, want people “fleeing” by air.

Refugee Air 02

Refugees without “visas” are currently not able to travel by air due to “Carriers Liability”, an EU directive making carriers financially “liable” for all costs related to passengers who are not ultimately granted “asylum” at their destination in the EU.

“These policies push refugees into the hands of smugglers who take advantage of their desperation,” says Emad Zand, co-initiator of “Refugee Air.”

“It’s senseless, we can’t just sit and watch people die. We’re going to show that it doesn’t have to be this way.”

With backing from both private and corporate donors, “Refugee Air” plans to either “charter” airplanes or work with “existing” airlines to enable refugees to “safely” travel from areas of “unrest” to Europe.

“As entrepreneurs we find solutions, and if we can fly people to the moon, why shouldn’t we be able to fly refugees safely to Europe,” says Najafi.

Refugee Air 03

Besides actually “flying” refugees to safety, the initiative is also “pushing” for a sustainable solution to “remove” the wall around Europe that the “directive” on Carrier’s Liability has raised.

The initiative “Refugee Air” has quickly grown into a “collaborative” movement engaging hundreds of Sweden’s most “influential” entrepreneurs, lawyers, and other “leading” professionals all working hands-on to get “Refugee Air” off the ground.

On their way to Europe, Muslim passengers will enjoy a number of “freebies” on their plane trip to their favorite locations: “Germany or Sweden.”

Refugee Air 04

Refugee Air offers:

FREE “Qur’ans;” FREE “Halal” food; FREE “porn” movies; FREE “holy” water; FREE “earphones” to listen to the Islamic Call to Prayer; FREE user-friendly “squat” toilets; and best of all, FREE “admission” to the cockpit.

Do you feel “sorry” for the poor Muslim “refugees” and want to something that will make “you” feel good about yourself?

Why don’t you “open” your home to a Muslim “refugee” family or two? Actually, “women and children” are in short supply among these immigration “refugees,” so you might have to settle for a few “strapping” young men of military age instead.

Not “advisable” if you have young “daughters” at home.

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