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Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said during a speech at Liberty University that the United States was founded on “racist principles,” and that the nation took a “big” step forward by “voting” for President Barack Obama.

“If you were elected president, what would you do to bring healing and resolution to the issue of racism in our country?” asked the interviewer.

“That is an excellent question,” Sanders responded. “I would hope and I believe that every person in this room today understands that it is unacceptable to judge people, to discriminate against people based on the color of their skin.”

The audience responded with a “round” of applause.

“And I would also say that as a nation– the truth is, that a nation which in many ways was created, and I’m sorry to have to say this, from way back on racist principles, that’s a fact– we have come a long way as a nation,” he added.

“My guess is that probably not everybody here is an admirer or voted for Barack Obama,” Sanders said. “But the point is, in 2008 this country took a huge step forward in voting for a candidate based on his ideas and not the color of his skin.”

“Thought Criminal” Bernie Sanders also offered “college tuition, universal health care, mandatory medical leave and universal Pre-K school” all across America by “proposing” to increase government spending by only a modest $18 trillion.

“One of the demands of my campaign is that we think big and not small,” assuming he thought about government “spending and debt” no doubt.

In another short 5 minute video Bernie “bamboozled” his followers with a speech in which not “one word of truth” was spoken.

Here is a “brilliant” example of “The Socialist Thought Police” rhetorical “sleight of hand.”

It is this clip that “reinforces” that Bernie Sanders is not deserving of any “credit” for anything he says or does.

He is a “pathological” liar incapable of “speaking” the truth, likes his “nemesis” Barack Obama.

Thought Criminal 03

Bernie’s First Lie:

The United States was founded on “racist” principles. That comment is based on the so called “3/5 rule.” The facts are that in the 18th century “no” human beings were considered “equal” under the law “anywhere.”

In the 18th century “globally” your position “politically, socially, religiously,” indeed in all “aspects of life,” was determined by “birth” not “race.”

The “3/5 rule” does not and has never said that “persons” covered under the 3/5 were 3/5’s of a “human” being. That “interpretation” is nothing more than rhetorical “sleight of hand”.

It is a simple fact that 3/5 compromise “for the first time in human history” recognized these “other persons” as human beings and granted them “legal status” as such.

This is not a “racist” principle. It is the exact “opposite” of racism, and is the first real “victory” in the struggle against “slavery and indentured servitude,” and a vital part of the “first document in human history based on the idea of equality under the law.”

It forced the slave “holders” off of their perch of “total” superiority. “The Racists”, the slave holders, gave ground. Not the other way around.

In this great lie the “finger” pointers and America “haters” have succeeded in interpreting “white” to mean black, “good” to mean evil, through nothing more than rhetorical “sleight of hand.”

Thought Criminal 04

Bernie’s Second Lie:

That Obama was “voted” in for President on the basis of his “ideas” and not the “color” of his skin which is a “laughable” lie.

Even David Ehrenstein, a “black” columnist of the “LA Times,” with a Jewish name, who wrote the column from which the parody “Barrack The Magic Negro” was taken, couldn’t “agree” with this lie.

It is in no way “true” that America voted for Obama for his “ideas.” Most people never even “knew” of his ideas because the press never “vetted” them.

Bernie SandersBernie’s Third Lie:

“We all know to what degree racism remains alive in this country.”

This is one of the “dirtiest” lies in existence today. Bernie goes on to use the example of a “sick” man and attaches his sickness to the “entirety” of American Society to call America “racist.”

He proclaims to not understand why “race” is still such an issue, yet “ignores” the fact that millions of dollars a year are made by “black activists” whose sole purpose is to keep “race” in front of the lives of every American.

He ignores that there is a “race industry” in this country dependent of promoting “racial division.”

The simple fact is that we have no idea to what degree “racism” remains alive in this country. “None at all.” The “vast” majority of non-black Americans “rarely” even think about race. Let alone hold any “hate, disgust, revulsion” or any other “racist” sentiment towards people of “any” color.

If you really want to see “racism,” just listen to Reverend Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and more recently “Black Lies Matter.”

Thought Criminal 06

Bernie’s Fourth Lie:

Hundreds of “Hate Groups”. Really? Go to any of those sites and you will find that the “premise” behind each one is “rage not hate.”

And it is a “rage” that has arisen from the fact of “reverse” discrimination first brought to light by the “Bakke Decision.” At that time in California it was widely “known” that certain programs were simply not “accessible” if you did not have a “dark” enough tan. Bakke established that as a fact.

This is another example of rhetorical “sleight of hand.” It is the ongoing equation of “hate and anger.” It has gotten so pathetically absurd that “any” criticism can now be labeled “Hate Speech.”

You would be well advised to use this in your own “defense” at work. Anyone critical of you can now be “easily and readily” labeled as indulging in “hate speech” against the overweight. It’s done all the time. There is no “defense” allowed against the charge of “hate speech.” You should use it.

Thought Criminal 07

Bernie’s Fifth Lie:

Unarmed “Blacks” shot by police officers. This is a very careful “lie.” He does not mention “Ferguson” and the so called “Gentle Giant” Michael Brown.

But it is what he is “referring” to. The simple fact is that you do not have to be “armed” to present a “real” threat to “life and limb.”

Here is a video 10 minutes “prior” to Michael Brown’s death. It was “posted” by the Chief of Police of Ferguson, Missouri.

Brown is easily twice the “weight” and damned near twice as “tall” as the shop keeper he “strong armed.” These are the images of a “violent” person going on a bit of a “rampage.”

Unarmed does not “mean” he was not a threat. He was “violent” he was a “threat.” Three inquests have “cleared” the officer who shot him of “any wrong doing.” Therefore Bernie’s “institutional racism” is more likely to be just another “lie.”

Thought Criminal 08

Bernie’s Sixth Lie:

The idea that Bernie “holds” public officials “accountable” is a huge “lie” in itself.

He has done nothing to help the “IRS” investigation. He has done nothing to hold Clinton accountable for “Benghazi”, nothing to hold Clinton accountable for here “security” breaches as Secretary of State.

Nothing to hold the “EPA,” or any of its officers accountable for that “ecological” nightmare at that abandon Colorado Gold mine where “3 million gallons of toxic waste” were released due to sheer “negligence.”

He has done nothing, in fact he has “promoted” the Obama administrations “illegal” changes to the Affordable Care Act “made after passage of the law.”

For Bernie to speak of holding “public officials” accountable like this is an entire “catalog of lies” all by itself.

Thought Criminal 01

“Thought Criminal” Bernie Sanders is a “liar.” He is a “hate” monger. He is “promoting” hatred of America and all the “great” things this country has “done” and what it “stands” for.

He has “lied” over and over again to “promote” the view that America is a bad “place” founded on bad “principals” so that he and other authoritarians can “ride to the rescue and save us all from our darker side.”

He is a “fraud” and a liar. In the above clip he did not say “one” thing that was “not” a lie, or “based” on a lie.

But you have to understand the “nature” of the lies. It is not just that each “statement” was a lie. The biggest and “worst” lie of all is that he asserts these things as “truth” in face of facts that contradict.

The “BIG LIE” is that he states that “certain” things are conclusive “truth” when the facts are such that “conclusions” can not be reached.

If the data can produce support “contradicting” conclusions, then the data cannot be said to be “conclusive.” This is Bernie Sander’s greatest and most “heinous” lie.

All the other “lies” follow on that one. And, it is a “lie” that every “socialist,” who ever achieved “prominence,” has risen to “power” on.

In the 20th century these “socialists” were responsible for over “150 million deaths!” All in the name of “the greater good”, all in the name of “Justice.”

And, they continue to “kill” now, completely unrestrained demonstrating the usefulness of the “9mm consensus.”

Beside, “lying” is the left’s greatest tool!

Socialism 01


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