Right of Free Speech

Free Speech 01

After an “audience” member at an open forum “pointed” out that President Obama is a Muslim and not American our utterly useless and “out-of-touch” liberal media ginned up a “non-controversy” over the fact that Trump didn’t “blew” the guy off.

Trump “politely” responded to the dissident, giving “credence” to what he said, without “rebuking” him for his “factual” observation.

According to our Obama “loving” media, Trump was “obligated” to tell the guy off and “vouch” for the president’s unwavering “patriotism” and self-appointed “Christian” abortion faith.

Treating this stupid media “controversy” like it deserves to be treated, “The Donald” took to Twitter to “wrist-flick” away the latest left wing mainstream media “frenzy”:

“Am I morally obligated to defend the president every time somebody says something bad or controversial about him? I don’t think so!”

“It’s not my job to defend Barack Obama.”

“This is the first time in my life that I have caused controversy by NOT saying something.”

“If someone made a nasty or controversial statement about me to the president, do you really think he would come to my rescue? No chance!”

“If I would have challenged the man, the media would have accused me of interfering with that man’s right of free speech. A no win situation!”

“Christians need support in our country and around the world, their religious liberty is at stake! Obama has been horrible, I will be great.”

Free Speech 02

Not only is our “Islamophobic” media acting like being “misidentified” as a Muslim is a “slur,” what everyone’s forgetting is that Obama “might” be a much better man were he “in fact” a Muslim.

Even though Obama has said many times, among other “compliments,” that the Muslim call to prayer is “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth,” it cannot be “inferred” in the media that Obama remotely “identifies” as Muslim.

The media makes “sure” that we do not “think” of Obama as a “Muslim.”

But what is “wrong” with being a Muslim? Muslims are one of our most “equally” protected classes.

It should be an “honor” to be called a Muslim, unless the “media” is saying there is actually something “wrong” with “being” a Muslim.

It’s hard to tell these days.

Free Speech 03

To protect Obama, the media ignores the “homeless, the unemployed, the under-employed, the EPA disaster in Colorado, the men who died and risked their lives for Obama’s precious ‘hero’ Bowe Bergdahl and countless other White ‘Rainbow’ House disasters.”

The media also “believe” that Trump is “responsible” for the rumors started by Hillary Clinton who planted the first seeds of the Birther/Obama-Is-A-Muslim conspiracy back in 2008.

Free Speech 04

Free speech is not “really” free; there are “consequences.”

The consequences are: “The liberal media either silences you, or the nearest Republican must denounce the expression of free speech.”

Since “The Donald” did not correct the “Right of Free Speech” he will be “rebuked, tarred and feathered” by the low “mainstream” media.

Free Speech 05

Watch CNN’s “Gay” Anderson Cooper get his “panties in a bunch” over this.

Here is more about “The Donald’s” anti-Muslim views:


In comparison to “The Donald’s” Muslim views here are “Carly Fiorina’s” sickening “pandering” views to Islam:

Carly Fiorina not only panders to Islam, she made secret deals with Iran while CEO of Hewlett Packard

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