Obamification of Francis

Obamification 01

Some pontiffs have been “beatified or canonized,” but Pope Francis is receiving a far more “dubious” honor.

He’s being “Obamified.”

The charismatic Pope, who arrives in the United States on September 22, has gained fans “in and out” of the Catholic Church for “denouncing unfettered capitalism, warning about climate change and urging mercy toward divorced couples and women who have had abortions.”

He’s also sparked a “strange” trend. The same political “slurs and conspiracy” theories that critics have “used” against President Barack Obama are now being “deployed” against Pope Francis.

Critics even says the two leaders have “morphed” into one sinister figure they calls “Popama.”

Obamification 00

The “Obamification” of Pope Francis includes “charges” from conservative critics that he’s either a “socialist, the Antichrist, an illegitimately elected leader who wants to create a New World Order” or all of the above.

Their anxiety was “captured” by the headline of one online column: “Pope Francis is the Catholic Church’s Obama — God help us.”

Such “apocalyptic” warnings about Francis reflect normal “anxiety” over a new leader, says Greg Erlandson, publisher of “Our Sunday Visitor,” a Catholic organization that distributes church textbooks and religious materials.

“There’s been some crazy stuff going around,” Erlandson says. “You’re always going to get a fringe element, on both the left and right. There’s some guy in Canada claiming to be the Pope.”

Obamification 02

Yet conservative “concerns” over Pope Francis appear to be “growing.”

A Gallup “poll” this summer showed that Pope Francis’ “support” among American conservatives “fell” from 72% last year to 45% in July.

“There is a sense that he is or could be introducing significant changes in the church,” Erlandson said, “and people find that very threatening.”

Some of that “anxiety” goes beyond traditional “debate” over church doctrine.

Here are three ways the Pope is being “Obamified”:

No. 1: He’s a stealth socialist for religion and money. It’s hard to find a more combustible combination. Pope Francis’ comments on faith and finance have ignited a theological firestorm.

No. 2: He said the poor have “sacred rights” of labor, lodging and land. He called the “unfettered pursuit of money” the “dung of the devil” and accused world leaders of “cowardice” for refusing to defend the Earth from exploitation.

No. 3: During a speech to grassroots organizers in Bolivia in July, he called on the poor to rise up against “new colonialism,” including corporations, loan agencies, free trade treaties and austerity measures.

Obamification 04

There is another “world” leader, elected amid “huge” excitement, who has “surprised and disappointed” the faithful by appearing “disengaged and helpless” in moments of crisis.

Now we can watch “Jorge Mario Bergoglio” turn into “Barack Hussein Obama.”

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