Joe Biden Interview


Joe Biden and Stephen Colbert.

Liberal Stephen Colbert was practically “begging” Vice President Joe Biden to “run” for president.

“Everybody likes Joe Biden, right? Isn’t that right?” Stephen Colbert asked in the interview, as the audience “cheered and applauded.”

Colbert continued his unabashed “praise” of the Vice President, asserting that he was “authentic.”

“You’re not a politician who has created some sort of facade to get something out of us or triangulate your political position or emotional state to try to make us feel a certain way,” Colbert said. “We see the real you.”

Later he “pointed” out that so many people not only “liked” him but “admired” him, calling him “a man of substance” who suffered great “personal” tragedy.

After a “deeply” personal segment discussing his son Beau , who recently passed away, Colbert “urged” him again to run for president.

“I know that is an emotional decision you have to make, but it’s going to be emotional for a lot of people if you don’t run.” he said, adding that his character would be “sorely missed in the race” if he didn’t.

“I think we would all be very happy if you did run,” Colbert continued. “And if you don’t, I know that your service to the country is something we should all salute.”

Joe Biden didn’t sounded like a man about to “enter” the presidential fray in his “emotional” appearance on “Late Night with Stephen Colbert.”

Joe Biden, Beau Biden

Beau Biden with his father Joe Biden, at Camp Victory on the outskirts of Baghdad, Iraq.

While Biden didn’t definitively “rule out” a run, he did discuss his “tenuous” emotional state in the “aftermath” of the “death” of his son, Beau, to “brain” cancer.

“Look, I don’t think any man or women should run for president unless, number one, they know exactly why they would want to be president and, two, they can look the folks out there and say, ‘I promise you, you have my whole heart, my whole soul, my energy and my passion to do this,’” Biden said.

He then added: “And I’d be lying if I said that I knew I was there.”

Though Biden didn’t “officially” say he would sit on the “sidelines” this presidential cycle, he did say how he sometimes just “breaks” down at “random” moments over the “loss” of his son.

“You can’t do that,” Biden said after saying he probably shouldn’t be “revealing” his emotional state.

Biden-Colbert 03

Colbert ended the interview by “imploring” Biden to enter the race.

“I know that’s an emotional decision you have to make, but it’s going to be emotional for a lot of people if you don’t run,” he said.

“I think that your experience and your example of suffering and service is something that would be sorely missed in the race — not that there aren’t good people on both sides running — but I think we’d all be very happy if you did run.”


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