If Any War Happens

If Any War Happens 00

The YouTube page of Iranian “Supreme Leader” Ali Khamenei has released a new video titled “if any war happens,” which casts a particularly “threatening” tone in predicting that the Islamic Republic would “defeat” the United States should “war” break out between the two sides.

We’ve seen these sort of “threats” before. Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps launched a “massive” military drill, called “The Great Prophet Nine,” in the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz last February.

If Any War Happens 02

Hundreds of speed boats equipped with “missiles” took part in the maneuvers. At one point in the production the camera panned across a banner that read, “If the Americans are ready to be buried at the bottom of the waters of the Persian Gulf – so be it.”

If Any War Happens 01

Obama’s pure “genius” nuclear negotiations with Iran apparently has enough congressional support to defeat any attempt to “block” its implementation.

On the surface it may seem like we’ve traded billions in sanctions relief to an untrustworthy and “hostile” regime in exchange for “temporary” concessions and meaningless “inspections,” but that’s not the case at all.

In fact, the “nuclear” weapons program is completely “irrelevant.”

If Any War Happens 05

Consider it that the Obama administration has opened up “foreign investment, markets, and lines of credit.” We’re going to give the “cash-starved” Ayatollah just enough of a taste of other peoples’ money to make him hungrier.

You can bet that the Iranians are going to love having free government “falafel” in those first few months. We may even do well to give Iran the “Olympics” as soon as possible, in recognition of their “commitment to join the international nuclear community.”

If Any War Happens 03

And then they’ll realize how quickly “billions” runs out when the government is offering “Chelo,” rice with butter and saffron, while the people have gotten a taste for “Jigar,” lamb liver kebab garnished with basil and fresh lemon.

By the time the “deal” expires, Iran’s military and nuclear weapons program will be reduced to “rusting” hulks as the government tries to “fend off” a million entitled Islamic “extremists” at the gates of their own palaces.

If Any War Happens 03

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