Panic Disorder Patients

Panic Disorder Patients 00

I saw this short “satirical” video titled “How Climate Change Deniers Sound to Normal People” which made me think about “life,” the “Universe,” and everything else “under the sun.”

Here are some other video “flicks” from Girl Pants Productions

Do the “creators” of these videos ever wonder how they “themselves” sound to “normal” people?

They wouldn’t “know” if they live in a “bubble” where “progdom” is the norm.

A good “response” to this would be videos of “interactions” between “normal” people and the “sufferers” of panic attacks, but that would be “unfair and cruel” to the sufferers.

In fact, there’s no “need” to even make “other” videos. One can simply take these and “post” them under the title, “How Normal People sound to Panic Disorder Patients.”

Panic Disorder Patients 01


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