First Dog Bo Obama

First Dog Bo 01

For the first time, “Bo Obama,” the First Dog describes his life of “horror” of living a lie, day after day, in the White “Rainbow” House.

Little did America “realize” what this poor dog was dealing with the “audacity of narcissism” at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Forced to submit to the “shame” of having no name of his “own,” referred to only by a fake “moniker” created from his owner’s “initials,” Bo Obama tells what it’s like to live with a closeted “gay” Muslim man, his “tranny” wife, and their two “adopted” over-privileged daughters.

First Dog Bo 02

Bo leaves nothing to the “imagination” in this dramatic and revealing look at life beneath the “seamy” covers of its owners, the daily “humiliation” of being walked on a leash by “strange” men, being “caged and shuffled” from vacation spot to vacation spot in a specially modified “Marine Corps MV-22 Osprey” plane.

First Dog Bo 05

This is a story that “needed” to be told, and the First Dog “spares” no details, no matter how “disturbing.”

Being sent to an exclusive “dog rehab” center in Los Angeles Bo went berserk, “injuring” reality TV star Cesar Milan by “forcing” the trainer off the road and into “oncoming” traffic.

First Dog Bo 03

Bo is currently in police “custody” in lieu of $10 million bail. It has been “rumored” that Chef Obama is planning to have Bo for “dinner” after his release.

First Dog Bo 04

#1 on the “Petco” Best Seller List, this “tell all” book deserves to be on every “Dog Lovers” coffee table and in “Kennels” throughout America.

Get your “copy” today!

First Dogs 03

First Dogs Sunny and Bo

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